Month: August 2021

Moore Family to Portugal

Tuesday Newsday Happy Tuesday! We were encouraged to see a new couple with another Baptist mission organization arrive on the field this week. Though they will not be working directly with us, we are always encouraged to see people dedicating their lives to the propagation of the gospel in obedience to God’s call on their …

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Sudbrock Family to Germany

Building Trust An update on Sadie. Her surgery went well. It took longer than expected as there was extensive scar tissue that needed to be removed; however, it is healing nicely. She is now in rehabilitation for the next three weeks. At the end of those three weeks she is scheduled to go without her …

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Canavan Family to NYC

Dear praying friends, As we pulled into the city this month, joy and excitement flooded our hearts, realizing this was finally our home. Nine years ago, God first pressed the need that NYC has for the Gospel upon our hearts, and we are so thankful to be here in our mission field. We are grateful …

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Moore Family to Portugal

Tuesday Newsday Avery finished up birthday season at our house, turning a big 12. Two more weeks of summer for us, then we hit the ground running at the start of school, first week of September. Honestly, we are ready. Portugal moves at a snail’s pace during the summer, which is not our favorite pace, …

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