November 2022

McCollum Family to Germany

HELP! EXPANSION! It’s Black Friday. While many people are scurrying about trying to find the best deals, we have a guarantee that the whole world needs to secure- Eternal life through Jesus Christ. The past few months have gone by and summer vacation quickly turned into a busy fall season of ministry. During this time …

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Moore Family to Portugal

Hello, Tuesday again.  This morning I (Valerie) obediently went and submitted to blood work a NEW doctor ordered urgently yesterday, appalled at what tests and treatment had NOT been ordered over the past 11 months. Beau convinced me to go to his habitual lab. I have my own favorite, however, They don’t open until eight. …

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Roggenkamp Family to Mexico

Dear Gentle Reader,  In Psalm 29:10, David, using metaphorical prose, states: The Lord sitteth upon the flood; yea, the Lord sitteth king forever. He is alluding to God’s power and sovereignty over men, and even nature. Our family experienced first-hand God’s power and providential protection these last few months, as we had unusually prolific monsoons …

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Sarah Bradley to Croatia

When the Enemy attacks focus on God’s blessings! The more diligently one works to follow God in unbridled surrender, the more diligently the Enemy fights! The devil fought hard in the month of September from every aspect: mentally, physically, and emotionally. I felt like the he was working overtime. When I began my language classes …

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Dice Family to England

Travels: The last two months have been busy and blessed as we have traveled around 5,500 miles: from Oklahoma to New Mexico to Ohio to Illinois to Virginia to Ohio to New York. During that time, we have been in eight Missions Conferences or Missions Sundays, and we have seen God move in the hearts …

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Lowrie Family to Croatia

Innocent is from Burundi. He had been with us at New Life for over three years coming just after his 2nd week at the refugee center. It was Francois who invited him and we have grown to love him. He fought for those three years to get asylum here with applications, denials, appeals, to even …

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Moore Family to Portugal

TUESDAY NEWSDAY Happy Tuesday.  I actually had begun writing this several times, but had never been able to complete it. Maybe you have noticed it missing for a few Tuesdays now.  We have been in the midst of some extraordinary circumstances. Nevertheless, this was what I began to write last Tuesday: We are currently hosting 30 …

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Sudbrock Family to Germany

“He’s Still Working on Me” As I sat in the waiting area for a minor ear opening procedure, this little jingle came humorously into my mind as I considered the happenings of late. The last two months have been exciting, health wise. I had outpatient surgery in Iowa 10 days before returning to Germany. Two …

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