January 2023

Stensaas to Uganda

Weddings and more weddings… We continue to be blessed by more couples who want to do what is right. Those who had been living in fornication, have separated and God blessed for them to get wed properly. In the past two months we had five more couples get wed. This means that in the last …

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Lowrie Family to Croatia

We had our annual Church Christmas Party after the morning services the week before Christmas with “party foods”, games, prizes, and great fellowship. It was a special blessing to have Sarah and Charissa (our missionary helper and intern respectively) to do all of the preparation etc for the party. A good growing experiment for them …

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Cooleys to Jamaica

Dear Ministry Partners, Thank you so much for keeping us in Jamaica throughout 2022 and now to start 2023. We are, finally, starting to see some real fruit. We always try to find a positive kernel of substance in every potentially fruit-producing opportunity in order to motivate ourselves to keep pushing forward, but the Lord …

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Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist World Evangelism

January 3, 2022 Lesson 1 – Watchmen… Watch Thyself. NEW SERIES INTRODUCTION  By Preacher Smith We return with a new Online Study. I invite you to get a notepad and your Bible and join me for our next seminar titled, “Watchmen… Watch Thyself”.  Below, you will find the link for this lesson. You do not have to sign in or have a …

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Orricks to Wales

This past month was an absolute brr and blur! Like many of you, we too had a very cold month as the temps dropped below freezing and stayed there for several days, which was very much out of the ordinary for us. Despite the weather, life and ministry kept us warm as we chased the …

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