Sarah Bradley to Croatia

Where I Need You to Be!

In my last letter I mentioned that after some prayerful consideration I planned on taking a break during the holiday season from the formal language classes. When I resumed classes mid-January, I was one level lower than I would have been if I had continued in November. God knew that this was exactly the class I needed to be in. On the first day of class, we introduced ourselves in Croatian and shared something interesting about ourselves. I said, “Ja volim glazbu I sviram gitaru, flautu, klavir I piccolo.” (I like music and I play the guitar, flute, piano, and piccolo.)

After class, Jacqueline one of my classmates, Jacqueline came and asked me if I have ever given guitar lessons. Jacqueline is American but has lived in Germany for 30 years with her German husband. They moved to Zagreb last August, and she was looking for a guitar teacher. On the day of our first guitar lesson, she asked me why I was in Croatia, and this gave me the opportunity to share with her about the Lord and His purpose for me here in Zagreb. When I told her about our church, she was excited! “I grew up Baptist!”, she exclaimed. She had been praying that God would lead them to a church in Zagreb where the truth of the Word of God would be preached. Jacqueline, her husband Oliver and 16-year-old daughter Scarlet, came the following Sunday and have been coming regularly ever since.

On their first Sunday, Scarlet asked me to give her some tips on studying her Bible. This has opened the door for me to start a weekly Bible study with her and Jacqueline. Please pray with me for Jacqueline and her family, that they might grow, and that God would have free reign to draw them into a deeper, personal, relationship with Him. I also ask that you pray specifically with me for Scarlet. Although she claims to be saved, she does not have a clear testimony of salvation, and it has been evident that she has been under conviction on more than one occasion. Please pray with me that soon Scarlet will see her need for the Saviour. If I had not taken a break from language classes, I would have never met Jacqueline. I praise the Lord that He always knows right where we need to be.

Where I Want You To Grow!

Children’s ministries have always been my passion and the ministry I am comfortable doing. With the departure of Toni’s family to France in January, it has been a few Sundays since I have had anyone to teach. This has been a little discouraging to me as my pr-field expectation was to have won a least a dozen kids to Christ by now. But what you expect and the reality that God has for your ministry is not always the same. The expectation of the Messiah in the disciples’ minds was for a Warrior to come and free them from the oppression of Rome, God’s reality was for a Sacrifice to come and save the world of the oppression of sin. My expectation for my ministry in Croatia was to have a large children’s ministry right away. God’s reality for me is unique opportunities for growth in unexpected ministries.

In the ministry of music, he wants me to grow! While Bro. and Mrs. Lowrie are currently on furlough in the States, and since Charissa returned home. I am the only pianist for congregational singing. This is a new experience for me and has grown me in diligence and reminded me that all I do should be unto His honor and glory. In my prayer ministry, He wants me to grow! We have started a new ministry at the Church called prayer mail. Once a month we get together as a church to pray over the visitor’s cards. If they have an address, we send them a letter with a gospel tract, thanking them for their visit and encouraging them to continue to seek the Lord. We pray over each letter and for every soul each letter represents.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of learning the language as part of my ministry. However, in learning this language God has been teaching me to depend on Him for the strength and wisdom only He can give. I am praising the Lord that I am beginning to understand small amounts of the language when someone speaks to me; I can also recognize a few words and phrases I hear on the street. My reading comprehension has also greatly improved, and I know that it is due in part to the library readings. I praise the Lord that I signed a contract this week allowing me to do more Library readings for an entire year. I pray that even in my language learning I will have the opportunity to share Him with others.

For now, ministering to adults and young people is an area in which he wants me to grow. I will be faithful to serve Him where He wants me to Grow. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Musings of a Single Lady In Missions

Praising the Lord for Ana! Ana is a Ukrainian sister in Christ who came to Zagreb for a nine-month study exchange program. I am so glad God brought Ana to our church for the nine months she was in Zagreb. She has been a blessing and encouragement to me. Always praising the Lord even when drones fly over her village and bombs drop nearby. I had a wonderful opportunity to host her in my home for a few days before she returned to the Ukraine this month. I am so thankful for our friendship and will be praying for her safety as she returns to Ukraine. Please pray with me for Ana, her family, her church, and her country.

Cultural Corner

Did you know that in Croatia the custom is for the person who is celebrating their Birthday to take everyone out to dinner? I had so much fun doing the Croatian custom and treating everyone to pizza for my Birthday.

Prayer Needs and Praises

  • Praise: Toni and his family left for France in January instead of Belgium. However, God has been good and they are on their way to receiving political asylum there. We are praising the Lord for His safety and provision in their lives.
  • Praise: Mirka has asked me to pray with her the last two time we have visited.
  • Praise: Thank you to one of my supporting churches for helping me purchase a new scooter!
  • Prayer: Salvation for Mia, Jasna, Tamara, Mirka and Jarica, Scarlet
  • Prayer: More children for my Sunday School class
  • Prayer: Learning the language.
  • Prayer: Opportunities to share the Gospel with people I meet.

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