Tom and Cindy Brewer to Brazil

Tom and Cindy Brewer to Brazil

Dear Pastor Johnson & Cornerstone Baptist Church,

We Praise the Lord God for his goodness and kindness!

Since last letter, our attendance continues to climb even though our city officials have “recommended” that public places go back to masks and hand sanitizing. (By the way, WE ARE NOT DOING THAT!) Yesterday we had 92 present even though we have “paused” our busing for the next three months. Reasons:

These three months are our dry season, and the dust they get covered with in the trailer is bad for the riders. During this dry season, the city is paving 13 miles of city streets. Talk about traffic jams! They work 7 days a week. Half of these streets are being paved with concrete cobblestones placed by hand – that takes a while! The other half of the new streets are being blacktopped.” THAT IS NOT ASPHALT. The streets are graded and packed and then sprayed with a black topping of pitch. They spread gravel over that. Makes it really hard to get around when they spray the pitch and then wait to spread the gravel whenever it works out.”

Then, only the Lord would know and plan ahead for this: our church van has engine trouble!

It is now in the shop. Our answer for that is serving breakfast before SS! That is where the 92 came from! They came to have breakfast! Just say you’re going to have hot chocolate, and you’ve got a crowd!

I just had a good visit with the church I told you about in Porto Velho. Please pray now for the Campo Sales Street Baptist Church.

​​​Thank you for: ​​​​$125 in June

Sincerely in Christ Jesus, 

Tom Brewer

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