Tom and Cindy Brewer to Brazil

Tom and Cindy Brewer to Brazil

Dear Pastor Johnson & Cornerstone Baptist Church,

Brazil has 12 national holidays, at least 3 unofficial national holidays (like Carnival, Tuesday is Carnival, Monday is getting ready for Carnival, and Wednesday is getting over Carnival). Our state has 4 legal holidays like the state’s “birthday”, our town has at least one holiday “town birthday”, and then there are 6 “facultative” holidays when an employer has the choice of whether or not to “let his people off” and the choice of whether to pay them for those days. Any of these may fall on a Saturday or Sunday, so then it may be moved to Friday or Monday, and if any of the “more important” ones falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, many take advantage to take off Monday or Friday. WE HAVE A LOT OF LONG WEEKENDS!

From November through the beginning of March (Carnival) there is more than a fair share of these holidays – days off. It is amazing how many take time off from church services and serving God!!

I said all that to say, this is one of those report letters where lots of hours, work, preparation and visitation is done, but very little to write and the end of the month!

We have been having more visitors in the evening services. We have been having a good number in Sunday School. Pray with us that the planting and watering will produce fruit in God’s timing.

We are thankful that the Schmidt family is now here on the field with us. What a wonderful time of fellowship and catching up we have spent on all that is going on! They hit the ground running, especially in house cleaning and getting set up again after a 10-month absence. They now have a lot of bureaucratic government requirements to take care of, registration, bank account, phone service, etc. along with their language study, homeschooling, and whatever else a family of 7 has to do on a daily basis. Please pray with us for them.

Galatians 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Thank you for your prayers!

Sincerely in Christ Jesus, ​​

Tom Brewer

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