Tom and Cindy Brewer to Brazil

Tom and Cindy Brewer to Brazil

Dear Pastor Johnson & Cornerstone Baptist Church,

We have two souls to report this month. Two women both mothers of some of our bus kids prayed for salvation in the home with Cindy this month. We ask you to pray for Simone, mother of four, and Rosineia, mother of three, to now start coming to church more often so that they might begin to grow in Christ.

Praise the Lord, last Sunday we “divided” our Sunday School into classes. There were only two classes for the 60 that were here: Cindy took the two to nine years-of-age into one room with all the adults that “could be” Sunday School teachers. These adults are observing Cindy teach kids. She has been teaching Sunday School, organizing Sunday Schools, preparing material, and teaching others to teach Sunday School for 47 years! Of course, Bro. Mike and Mrs. Ashlie Schmidt were in the group Sunday, both with plenty of SS teaching experience BUT NOT IN PORTUGUESE YET. These two, and at least two more will soon take SS classes as we continue to divide getting back to “normal”! (Whatever that is!)

We are planning on welcoming our new pastor, Bro. Ailton Amaral, his wife Zinélia, and their son Caleb, 15 on about the 1st of July! Bro. Mike and I, with at least two laborers, have been remodeling a house we have on the property. Bro. Mike has been putting in lots of night hours in order to have it ready on time. One of his new titles is The Sheet Rock Guy!

Bro. Barry and Mrs. Shelley Mitchell, dear friends of ours for many years, not only donated new swimming pool liners for our camp swimming pools that were no longer usable but are here right now installing them for us! That is a BIG job and we needed a professional to do it. There are no other vinyl-liner pools in our part of the world, and so, no professionals!  What a wonderful blessing for them to come!

All that I have told you is being done in “high gear”! (That means in a state of great or intense activity.) We feel we are “under the gun”! (That means to be under pressure to solve a problem or meet a deadline.) The reason is that we have already bought our plane tickets to leave for furlough on July 13th! We have a granddaughter getting married on August 4, and like Luke DOES NOT SAY, I have married a wife her grandmother, and therefore I cannot come I must go!

Thank you for your prayers!

Sincerely in Christ Jesus, ​​

Tom Brewer

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