Canavan Family to NYC

Dear Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord, we are on the home stretch of deputation. God has blessed and provided along the way, and we are trusting that He will provide the last remaining support before we move. We got to spend a couple of days with our friends, the Gates family, who are reaching the Arabs in Dearborn, MI. The largest mosque in North America is in that city, along with the largest Arabic population in America. What a blessing it was to see what God is doing there! Please pray with us for this family as they reach a people group in our country that most Christians have forgotten. New York City has the second-largest Arabic population in our country, with just over 300,000. We are praying that God will raise more laborers to reach the Arabs in our country and the Arab nations worldwide.

We have some very exciting and special news to share with you all this month. God has done another miracle in our family and has given us another little girl due to arrive this November! We praise the Lord for a healthy pregnancy so far and trust that He will continue to carry this baby to term. Elly is very excited to be a big sister!

I went to NYC last week with the staff from my home church and am so excited about what God is doing. With so many neighborhoods that need to hear the Gospel, it can be challenging to pick a place to start. However, we know that God is leading us to start our first church in the Bronx, and we are excited to get there! Keep praying as we begin looking for a home and for a place to rent for the church plant. We are thrilled about the doors God has and will continue to open! We truly appreciate all your prayers and the faithful support from so many of you. We want to thank all of you who have given towards our church plant fund! It is incredible to see God’s people excited about His work!

His for New York City,
Jon, Amber & Ellyanna Canavan

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