Canavan Family to NYC

Dear praying friends,

It was a typical Saturday at the church, preparing for Sunday, cleaning, and passing out invitations outside the church. An elderly lady walked by with her daughter and her two dogs, and of course, Elly loved the dogs so we talked for a couple of minutes. As the weeks went on, Elly would pet the dogs each time they walked by. One Saturday, we were cleaning inside and this lady popped inside to say hello. Elly ran over to her as she yelled “my friends!” This lady was so touched by Elly calling her (and her dogs) “my friends” that she said she would come to church the next day. And she did come! She even brought some family with her. Here we are about two months later and this dear lady has come every Sunday morning, bringing many family members with her. It is so exciting to see God using our little Elly to help reach people in our community!

Two teams visited us to help with outreach last month. Praise the Lord for two sisters who have started coming because of the Gospel literature that was put under their apartment door!

We have several big outreaches planned for this summer and have some groups lined up to come up here to help. Would you pray with us for God’s blessing and favor this summer and for souls to be saved. Since we have some faithful people coming each week now, we are trying to start discipleship. We plan to do a baptismal service soon, Lord willing, as well!

Our Sunday morning crowd is making it evident that we will need to find a bigger space soon. Recently, we noticed a vacancy just one block down from our church that would actually be perfect. It has not come on the market yet, so we haven’t been able to inquire about it. We don’t know what they will want price-wise, or if they would even allow a church there, but it’s about three times the size of our current storefront with two rooms so that we could have a kid’s class. We are excited about what doors God will open next!

His for New York City,

Jon, Amber, Ellyanna & Makayela Canavan

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