Canavan Family to NYC

Dear praying friends,

We were able to give out close to 140 backpacks with school supplies and a copy of God’s Word. Honestly, it did not go as planned but went just how God wanted it to. We had over half of the people who registered for a backpack not show up. So we spent hours this past week just sitting outside the church asking those who walked by if their kids needed a backpack. It was so neat to see their faces light up as they got to pick out a bag. Some of them opened the bags right then, and one particular family was super excited about the Bibles in them! We grilled hotdogs on the sidewalk during the back-to-school bash last Saturday. One mom was walking down the street with two young boys, and we stopped her to ask if they’d like a hotdog and needed a backpack. She started crying and said they had not eaten anything all day and they did not have backpacks for school yet either. What a blessing to be able to serve our community and give to those in need. Keep praying for these contacts as we send follow-up emails and try to continue to build relationships with them.

These are souls that need Jesus.

We had our first Baptism service in August as well! It was so exciting to see a young man who has accepted Christ take the next step in his walk with the Lord. He has also been going through discipleship with me. We have a few others that need to be baptized, hoping they will make that decision soon.

We have been asking for prayer regarding a bigger meeting place. Two blocks from us, there is a 2200 sq ft store front that said they would rent to a church! We are currently waiting to hear back from the landlord to see if our offer will be
accepted. Since the space is a new build, it would take a lot of work to get inside it, but we trust the Lord will provide for that.

His for New York City, Jon, Amber, Ellyanna & Makayela Canavan

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