Canavan Family to NYC

Dear praying friends,

For the month of September, we highlighted the need for missions around the world. Even though we are a new church plant, we want to emphasize missions. Being a church plant makes it easy for people to see the need for something similar around the world. We had a special mission Sunday to cap off the month and introduced our church to Faith Promise Missions Giving. We were blessed to have Jeff Bush, Travis Snode, and Jim Roberts preaching for us during both of our Sunday services. Seeing people interested and committed to reaching the world through missions is so exciting!

Amber also hosted a ladies’ conference at the end of September and had a great turnout. The wives of the men mentioned above each taught a session. It was a wonderful time of encouragement and fellowship for the ladies here. There is a huge desire for Christian fellowship among believers, specifically with the ladies. Amber hopes to start a ladies’ Bible study soon and use it for discipleship.

This fall season has brought in more visitors who are searching for truth. It amazes me how many people in NYC (and around the world) look to YouTube for answers to their questions about the Bible. Pray with us for more laborers to plant churches throughout the city here. The darkness is thick, but God’s Light is shining bright.

We are still in the process of looking for a bigger space to meet in as a church. Unfortunately, the space we submitted our paperwork for rejected our offer last month. We were praying that if that space were not what God wanted, He would show us. So we are thankful for this answer to prayer. During the warmer months, we were able to set up a tent on the sidewalk for our children’s class during the service, which was a huge blessing so people could focus on the preaching without the young children interrupting. As the colder weather is approaching, this is no longer an option for us. Please continue to pray for God to meet this need for a larger building.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

His for New York City, Jon, Amber, Ellyanna & Makayela Canavan

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