Canavan Family to NYC

Dear praying friends,

This month we are focusing on evangelism in our neighborhood. We have started an evangelism class on Saturday mornings and have a few faithful people coming each week who are excited to share their faith. God has been bringing in more visitors these past few weeks as well. We are planning a big Sunday service in the park at the end of this month. Since our little building makes space limited, we are praying God will allow us to reach more people at the park. It’s exciting to see our regular attenders looking forward to this chance to invite more people to come with them to church at the park. Pray with us for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for souls to be saved.

We had three more people recently graduate discipleship. Praise the Lord for their desire to learn the Word! Amber was able to take two women through the 14 week program. The excitement of new believers getting grounded in their faith is contagious! One lady has been bringing some of her family to church and her sister just recently accepted Christ as her Savior. She is excited to be starting discipleship with Amber next week.

Back around Easter, we canvassed a bunch of homes with Gospel booklets. We didn’t see a lot of fruit from this endeavor immediately, but recently a man came because of a booklet he found at his parents house that we left weeks earlier. He was surprised to read it wasn’t from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He grew up like a lot of people in the northeast, steeped in Catholicism. He was searching for God, and while reading his Bible he made a profession of faith in Christ alone. He came the next service and was thankful because he’s been searching for a Biblical church. He is asking a lot of questions and is eager to learn the truth of God’s Word.

We had a group from a church in NC visit with us last week, and they helped distribute over a thousand pieces of Gospel literature in the neighborhood. We are excited to have another group from a church in SC with us next week. We may not see the fruit right away, but God is always faithful to bring the fruit in His time. Please pray that God would bless these efforts!

His for New York City,

Jon, Amber, Ellyanna & Makayela Canavan

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