Ed and Deb Capps to Mexico

Ed and Deb Capps to Mexico

Greetings dear fellow laborers in God’s Vineyard!

How are y’all doing? Thank you so much for praying for Ed & I and the various ministries here in the Sierra Madre Mtns. And for your financial support for us personally and for the ministries!!

Please continue to Pray For:

1. God’s justice to take place in town as it hasn’t let up for 3 weeks solid! As of Last night we didn’t hear of anything going off and no reports of it. Many children and families are traumatized by what they have witnessed, but we are thankful to see that life goes on with the children walking to school and businesses are open. Our church has responded well to all of this and we are thankful that they are leaving their protection in the mighty hands of God!  “Because You are my Helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings, I cling to You! Your strong right hand holds me securely!” Psalms 63:7-8  My friend Elvia & I can personally attest to this! We experienced first hand how God changed her plans, and instead of dropping her off at the usual place by the hospital for children and mothers, she wanted to go to the other hospital to pick up medicine. So at that same time around 1:30p.m. shots were going off in front of the other hospital! Praise God we didn’t even hear them! A Capitan was wounded and others were killed! Really sad!

2. The church is carrying on with new people visiting the services, praise God! Pastor Felipe is teaching the Bible Institute on Thursdays & Fridays at 4;30-6;30 and we try to get the people back home before dark, although they always like to fellowship afterwards! 😊 The young people meet on Saturdays at the same time!

3. ‘Fuentes de Esperanza desde el Corazon” is the name of our Civil Association; “Fountains of Hope from the Heart”, it now has it’s long awaited bank account, actually two accounts! One in town and one in Cuauhtemoc where the main office of the government is located that we are affiliated with. So this means that we are now ready to investigate where God would have us begin our first project and submit it to the committee and then to the Governing group that the association is under for approval. Pray that this will happen shortly as now the weather is better to be able to get out to the Indian communities. May God open the doors so that these people can receive physical help and the Gospel can be freely proclaimed!!

4. We praise God for witnessing opportunities and discipling is going on daily! We pray for maturity for our people and for more opportunities to testify of God’s great grace!

5. This is a Notice to all who support us financially: some of y’all are sending your support to the CAPM account which is for the ministries, and to which we are very thankful for. We ask that those of you who aren’t noting your funds to be put there would you please do so. CMC has told us that because of the change in filing taxes, we need to notify our donors to note preferably on separate piece of paper that you are now supporting Capps CAPM account. Thanks so much for noting this change!

6. I had my knee injected on Sunday afternoon and it is feeling some better. We are so glad that Dr. Alejandra is a member of our church and she has been great help to everyone!😊

In the Love of Christ our Wonderful Savior & Lord, Ed & Debby Capps

On line giving: www.cmcmissions.org.


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