Rick Carter, Sr. to Oklahoma City

Dear Pastor and Church,

Greetings once again form Grace Independent Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Ok. We are six weeks into our new church plant, and we are excited to be off and running. The Jon Rettig family, missionaries to the Czech Republic volunteered to provide music for us in our first service and were a great blessing. We had 4 adult visitors come out for our first service giving us 16 in attendance. The second service we had 7 adults with all those that came the first service returning. Three of those attending our first service have since received the Lord and all 7 have begun bible studies. So far, we have not had any Spanish folks show up, but we have had a good number of promises. We will see what the future holds there.

We are really excited about the folks God has sent our way. Pray for Mike and Lynda. I met Mike at an empty church building that set next to his house. I was there praying and checked something on my car, and he came over to find out what I was doing. As we talked, I found out they had just recently moved back from California. He grew up in the same area that I had grown up at. He said they might be interested in checking us out and they were there the first service and seem to be locked in. The other family I would like to tell you about is Dustin and Sarah. Dustin works with Bro. Dies. They were at the first service and the Monday night following they both accepted the Lord. The following Sunday night we were able to baptize them at Beth Haven and all our people came to the service.

At the writing of this letter, we are in a few churches’ attempting to raise support. Bro. Dies and his family are covering the new work while we are gone.  We have had a great trip but sure look forward to getting back to Grace. We have been in some great churches that have taken very good care of us. I want to give a special thanks to Cozaddale Baptist Temple, and Bible Way Baptist Church for opening their very comfortable mission’s apartments for us.

I would ask you to pray for my wife as she will be having her knee replaced on Oct. 17th. Otherwise, we are doing good and thank God everyday he has counted us faithful putting us in the ministry.

For the Souls of Men,

Rick Carter


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