Rick Carter, Sr. to Oklahoma City

Setting here on a beautiful February day looking to go out and hit some doors this afternoon. God has been good to our new work in the central part of Oklahoma City. We had two adults accept the Lord in our services on January 15th. What a blessing to see God working in our Church. Right now, we have a list of 53 individuals or families who are not in church but are looking to get in church and have said they will come and check us out. I have been around long enough to know we wont see most of them but we are committed to go back to them until they tell us to get lost. I’ve always believed if people are going to get mad at me, I would rather it was because I loved them too much.

I shared we were going to have our first Mission Conference in January. As a missionary I give my Faith Promise at Beth haven. Grace Independent Baptist Church has committed $2,400 for the coming year. I am so excited as this represent three family units that have not been in church and had never heard of Faith Promise. I look for this to increase as we add new families.

The Carter’s are doing very well. Eunice had her knee replaced a couple of months ago and she is doing exceptional. I also had a miner procedure and am feeling great. We are both getting around now better than we have for a couple of years. My pastor still wants me to raise some more support, but God has continued to meet our need and we just praise Him daily for His goodness to us. I want to get Grace a little more established before I go out for to long a time. With Our God and your prayers we trust all will work together for good.

Please pray for Carl, Steve, Austin, Laura, Mark, and Jim. These are the ones that lay most on my heart at this point. Also pray for Darren, who used to attend one of the three Independent Baptist churches that closed in this area. Out of all our knocking he is only the second Person we have met who formally attended an Independent Baptist Church.

For the Souls of Men, Rick Carter


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