Rick Carter, Sr. to Oklahoma City


Dear Pastor and Church,

It is so good to write to you as we begin a great summer. As always, we find ourselves in a basic warfare. It sure is good God allowed us to see the final chapter, but right now we must deal with today. Grace is made up of all unchurched people currently and while that is our main goal, I sure you understand it comes with many challenges. It seems as if God has put us in a ministry to folks who have spent time in prison and been involved with some form of addiction. Consistence is the biggest obstacle we deal with, but to see the lights come on in our people is amazing.

We recently began to have midweek services on Tuesday evenings, and during testimonies one of our men said he had always heard Gods people speak of how God blesses them when they tithe and he always thought they were crazy but, he has changed his mind. He began to go through all the things God had done for them just that week and it was amazing to hear his joy in giving. At the end of the service, he waved his tithe envelope and said we need to take an offering because I want more blessings.

We have seen several saved these past couple of months but are having a tough time getting them to answer the door now. Please pray for Kayla and Quinten. Kayla Said her and her husband had talked about finding a church and after awhile of sharing the gospel with her she bowed her head and accepted the Lord. I have no doubt Kayla was sincere. We went back the next week to see if we could visit with her husband, but no one would answer the door. A few days later Kayla answered the door and said she had told her husband what we had shown her, and he was resistant. The next time I went by he was one the front porch with one of the children and by the time I got to the door they had gone in and closed the door leaving their phone running a game and would not answer the door. I’m not sure how he knew who I was. Please pray for them.

The wife and I continue to be blessed with good health and many blessings. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

For the Souls of Men,

Rick Carter


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