Carl and Bonnie Clark to Botswana

Dear Pastor, Church Family and Friends,

Today, when we turned on the news, we heard of the shooting at an elementary school in Texas. How heartbreaking as 19 children and two adults went into eternity. How could this be possible in America? This has been such a shock to us as we came back to our beloved America! We dodged the bullets, bombs and riots during Apartheid in South Africa. America has been our culture shock as we never expected to see the changes we have witnessed.

In Botswana, the children learn Psalm 23 in school, and are caned if they are late for class. They have to wear uniforms and say “yes madam and no sir” out of respect. We used to have those standards in our classrooms, and also sang God Bless America, our National Anthem and learned Psalm 23. What has happened to our country that was based on godly teaching and principles?

I will never forget Gertrude, a Zulu lady in South Africa, sharing how she wished that Nelson Mandela had never become President because they no longer felt safe. The political parties were waring. When the government changed, she had to put her children under the bed so they wouldn’t be hit by stray bullets going through her mud house because of fighting in her Township. She shared how 4 men were coming back after school to take her 3 young boys and put them in the army so they would march first and be killed while the men brought up the rear during the violent fights. We had led Gertrude to Christ. She shared how her God was bigger than their “little gods” and that He would never allow them to take her sons. She believed in the power of prayer. That night, the police shot and killed all four men. Her boys were safe!

We have also witnessed the power of prayer! Through the years, God has kept us safe, encouraged us, protected us and provided our every need. He has used YOU in many special ways and we are so grateful. YOU have given, prayed and helped us to minister since we became missionaries in 1983! THANK YOU!

Please pray for Pako, who is 17, as he starts a Bible Study at his school. He has led three classmates to Christ. We continue to provide Bibles. We have another man who has started a Bible Study in a village close to Gaborone. He has had 11 adults come, two adult salvations, and 30 children attend. He plans on mentoring Pako once Pako graduates in November! They live about 3 hours from each other. Please pray the utilities can be installed as he needs water and electricity! They are very slow.

The Lord has blessed as we have led 12 to Christ in the past months!
God bless you!
Carl & Bonnie

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