Clark Family to Germany

Clark Family to Germany

Dear Pastors, family, and friends,

We are finally back in Germany after almost two months in the States, and we are glad to be in our own house and church. We traveled about 7,000 miles and were in nine churches; five of them were new for us, which was a huge blessing. Two have joined our team in supporting us as we preach the Gospel in Europe. We were able to touch base with some old friends, and that was a lot of fun. Along with that, I was able to take part in the approval process for some new missionaries, which was a great encouragement.

Along with this, we were still able to help with the work in Mannheim. We were able to upload sermons for our church each week. We had a few college students from Heartland preach for us, and it was a blessing to see how God led them in their sermons. We also took part in a few of the Zoom calls that we have on Tuesday nights. That was a bit more difficult, though, because we were traveling when the meeting took place.

The main reason for our trip home was to take care of family business, and I think we did that. We were able to attend a 100th birthday celebration for one of Dalene’s uncles, spent about two weeks with our parents, and Kameron got his driver’s permit. The bigger events were Kimberly graduating from college, and then getting married in Phoenix. We had so much fun that it is hard to believe that we got it all done in less than two months. We were also able to go to a ball game, help one of our daughters buy a car, and go to the Grand Canyon. With everything we did, we now feel like we need a vacation.

Please keep our family in prayer as we are a bit spread out right now. Kortney returned home with us, and Kameron is on a service trip with ACE in Florida. Kimberly and her husband, DK, are starting their ministry in Tucson. Kyndall is still at Heartland and working this summer. Kaitlyn is doing well with her job at the bank. Also pray for our church that we will have both wisdom as we look for where and how God would have us minister and that God would give us utterance with the Gospel and hearts would be ready for His word.

We appreciate so much your prayers and support.

Missionaries in Germany,

Walter Clark & family


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