Clark Family to Germany

Clark Family to Germany

Dear Pastors, Friends, and Family,

Summer is almost over here in Germany, and the days are getting shorter. It is a wake up call that time is short, and we need to work while it is day. Our summer has been such a blessed one. First, we were able to come to the States in May for Kameron’s graduation and then getting him settled in the States. It was so exciting to watch him get his drivers license, a car and a job, and now he is working on joining the Air Force. We also had the privilege of going to Kyndall’s graduation from college. Just a few weeks later, she and Nate got married. Then we were able to help them move to where God has called them to minister in New Mexico. It is such a joy to see our children following God’s call on their life.

We also had a missionary reunion in Branson which was a lot of fun. We were able to reconnect with many missionaries that week. Shortly after this, I came back to Germany, and Dalene and Kortney stayed behind. They were able to help with VBS in Ponca where Kaitlyn is, and also in New Mexico with Kyndall. Then they went to Arizona where Kim and DK minister, to meet our first grandbaby, Ezra James, who was born on August 10. Dalene and Kortney return to Germany September 1.

After I returned to Germany, I was able to help at the youth camp in Belgium. This lasted 3 weeks, and our prayer was that God would send forth laborers based on Matthew 9:38. We had one young person get saved and many more who said that God was dealing with them on ministry. We were blessed to have a former member, Asha, come back to visit. She has been studying in a Bible college in England and is excited to start her ministry. Please keep her in prayer as she finishes her studies this next year. One big blessing was seeing a little boy in our church, Robert, get saved. His family has been so faithful to teach him, and he was excited to share the news with everyone!

Pray for our spiritual needs with outreach and discipleship of those that God brings to us here. We also ask that you pray for our financial needs. The exchange rate is better; however prices on other things are increasing. Our heating oil price doubled this last year, and we will be ordering that soon. We know this hasn’t taken God by surprise, and we are seeing opportunities to use these hardships to talk to people about a God who never changes and Who has paid the greatest price for them.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support. We sure do appreciate it.

Your Missionaries in Germany,

Walter Clark & family


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