Clark Family to Germany

Clark Family to Germany 

Dear Pastors, Friends, and Family,

Our summer in Germany is going great so far. We have had quite a few hot days, which is very unusual for this time of year here. Most houses don’t have AC, and so it gets quite warm in our home. Because of the warmer weather, we have started meeting in the park again on Wednesday evenings. This is always fun to get out and be a witness in the area. The last few times, we have had a fitness group set up right beside us and that has been rather loud. Could you please pray that this will be resolved somehow? We are seeing visitors at our church and that is always exciting. Our song leader is on summer break visiting his family, so Kortney has been doing our songs each week. She is doing a great job!

Summer camp is currently happening in Belgium. First there is a week of Junior Camp, and that is followed by about 10 days of Senior Camp. Walter goes to help with this, and Kortney will be attending the Senior Camp. Please keep this in your prayer. He is putting updates on our Facebook page each day, so feel free to check that out!

We mentioned in our last letter that we were waiting for grandbaby number 2. Kyler Elijah was born in May and he was a big, strong baby! He is now 2 months old and is attending his first summer camp, as his parents are youth workers! Pray they will be able to visit us this fall. Kimberly and her family will come for a visit in September so that will be fun! The rest of our family is doing well.

We are still planning on visiting Israel in January. We are continuing to save money for this trip, and would be grateful for any help. We are excited to see how the Bible will come alive after this trip!

Please continue to pray for growth in our church. We’ve had a young lady visit recently, so that’s exciting. Pray that we will be a light in the community and God will show us more ways to reach out for Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your Missionaries in Germany,

Walter Clark and family


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