Cooleys to Jamaica

Cooleys to Jamaica

“Quarantine” = Still the Norm

Dear Ministry Partners,

Good morning from Jamaica! No, this is not September’s letter again, though little has changed since last month in terms of our lockdown situation.

There are, however, things to be thankful for. We’ve added at least one more Jamaican follower to our online messages, and we’re heading down, what we hope, is the home-stretch of the national lockdown.

A really bright lady, Andrea, one of our good friends from the craft market, has begun listening to our Sunday and Wednesday evening messages and is communicating with us about it, and another young waitress at a beach-side restaurant in town actually asked us for one of our business cards because another young lady we had talked with at the same restaurant had told here we’d started a church. One real advantage of our online messages is that I’m able to cover passages of Scripture in much greater detail.

I am scripting the messages so as not to go adrift on rabbit trails, but I really believe that the hearers listening attentively are getting really good and thorough content. The listeners are very likely, in fact, hearing more legitimate biblical theology than they ever have before, certainly where we’re at. I can do in 30 minutes, or less, what I would normally do in nearly an hour by scripting the messages.

That said, we would also like to ask you to pray about our relationship with two couples who live in our condo complex, one Jamaican and the other Russian. We’re not comfortable using their names because we’re not sure they would be. Both are at least upper-middle class, and well-educated. Consistent with their own cultures, they are cordial, but not at all open about their personal lives, and certainly not about spiritual things.

But we are having success getting to know them by showing them every kind of kindness possible and making ourselves available for conversation every time they are open to having it. There’s no pretense on our part. We’re their friends and our desire to share the Gospel with them is not the motivation for our friendship, but our care for them is our motivation to share the Gospel with them.

Would you please make our earning the opportunity to share the Gospel with them a matter of prayer? Though it’s a temptation, I don’t want to talk about how they might represent opportunities to reach others. We simply want to focus on God using us to reach them.

Thank you for your faithfulness in every way. While we all understand the Lord to be sovereign, we also understand that, in a very real way, we couldn’t be here without your involvement. That said, we’ll keep investing ourselves in the work as long as you keep investing yourselves in our doing so. We’re in it together!

John & Tammy Cooley Jamaica

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