Cooleys to Jamaica

Cooleys to Jamaica

Dear Ministry Partners,

I just received a message and a handful of photos from Pastor Samuel Tandiari in Burkina Faso West Africa this week that I know you will be glad to see. It’s always our goal, of course, to establish and leave behind autonomous Baptist churches with competent pastors. Even when we believe we’ve succeeded, however, we too often find, as we look back at what we’ve left behind, that either the church or the pastor, or both, were not what we thought they were.

Samuel is proving to have the kind of integrity, work ethic, and wisdom that only the Lord can produce. The pictures shown here are of some of the 40 young people who have been added to his church just this year. The small groups are young people working on Bible exercises Samuel gave them as an activity. Pastor Samuel said that many of them have migrated to Koupela as a result of the terrorism, some of which were already saved before beginning to attend Evangel Baptist Church, but that even those lacked a knowledge of doctrine and spiritual maturity.

His language and request for prayer that God would give him the wisdom to disciple them well made obvious that, though he is very encouraged, he also feels the weight of the responsibility to shepherd God’s people.

Please also take note of the church building. I left Samuel with a hangar, that is, an open pavilion (I-Beams and a metal roof). With money from another property he recently sold in our behalf, his own contribution from profit he and his wife have earned through the projects we left them, and the giving of his people, they built walls and finished out an impressive building.

I know you expected to hear news about Jamaica this month, and I intended to share some, but having received Samuel’s report I felt like I’d be robbing you of seeing the long-term results of your investment in him and his work over the last several years by not making you aware of what the Lord is doing through Pastor Samuel. You are genuinely looking at a “Victory in Jesus”!

Thank you for your part in what the Lord has done and is yet doing both in Burkina Faso and in Jamaica!

John & Tammy Cooley, Jamaica

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