Cooleys to Jamaica

Cooleys to Jamaica

Dear Ministry Partners,

We’ve not only made it to Jamaica, but the Lord has already, just one week out of quarantine, given us a vehicle, an apartment, insurance, and a tax registration number, and we’ll be moving to Ocho Rios, on the north side of the island, the middle of this week.

Thanks to Rex and Jan Harmon, we were able to complete in a week what sometimes takes months. We’ll be moving to Ocho Rios this week to begin work. A couple of ladies we met while visiting the north side this week said they’d like to join us when we get started.

We have just a couple of small paperwork tasks to finish, but outside of that we are ready to start living and ministering. Please keep praying for us as we

attempt to understand the most effective way to reach unbelievers with the Gospel. Given that real estate is much more expensive and difficult to come by here, getting a work off the ground is going to require a creativity we’ve not really had to lean on before.

We hope to get a Bible study going that will then morph into a full-fledged Baptist Church. Thank you for investing to get us this far, and please keep reminding the Lord how desperately we need His wisdom and direction.

John & Tammy Cooley Jamaica

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