Dennis and Lee Deneau – Bearing Precious Seed

Dennis and Lee Deneau - Bearing Precious Seed


We had a great evening last month with Bible Baptist Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. What a great turnout and a great time of fellowship as we spent several hours setting up equipment and training this church in the seedline work. What a sweet group of people!

This church is our 46th seedline ministry! We want to welcome Pastor Steelman and Bible Baptist Church! We are blessed to be partnering with you in the Scripture ministry. We look forward to seeing how the Lord works as we labor together providing Scripture to those in need.


We recently received an envelope from Nigeria which contained five letters from pastors, evangelists, and individuals which have received some of the John and Romans we have sent to Nigeria in years past. These letters give testimony of 592 souls that have been reached as a result of receiving Scripture from our ministry.

We have missionaries in Nigeria who are following up on these letters to see if they are of sound doctrine and fully understand what they have received. Although we only send Scripture to missionaries of like faith and sound doctrine we have no way of knowing where all these Scriptures end up when handed out on the streets and door to door.

The following is a caption of one of the letters we received:

Dear one in the Lord,

Thank you so much for the help of your booklet. It was given to us by a pastor friend and with it God has done wonderful work by touching and converting so many youth and many others. Please, we need your help of (140) Holy Bibles for these new con- verted ones. We are waiting to hear from you soon.

God be with you.


Why Giving Tracts, John & Romans, and Gospel Literature is so Important! – A Testimony of what One John & Romans Can Do, from Zambia, Sub-Saharan Africa times, none at all.

(Spoiler – He walks 4.5-5 HOURS to come to church every time he comes!! Truly amazing)

Thanks to the amazing Baptist Local Church Ministry of World Missions Bearing Precious Seed, and the Faithfulness of Bro. & Sis. Martin and their church, and all the Seedline Churches, we are now working our way through our second container of John & Romans. Zambia has a population of around 18 million, spread out over a land mass the size of Texas. What an amazing provision these J&R have been, and we praise God for them!

We pray that the following testimony encourages their hearts, those faithful churches, and your hearts as well.

Giving out the Word of God can, at times, be discouraging. Rejection, lack of interest, or even here in Zambia, where many will still accept something, but yet so little seeming fruit, and the flesh is tempted to wonder… is it worth it?

We are just as human as you, and struggle with those same thoughts ourselves. Hundreds of thousands of J&R given out over the past years, and I personally have printed and we have distributed over a million pages of Gospel Literature and Tracts here, yet the response seems so little, or at

Mr. Pumulo received a John & Romans over THREE years ago, with my first tract that I wrote here in Zambia, “Are You Ready To Be Judged By God?”

Circumstances took him away from Kafue, but after those years, he was back, and decided to find our church. He had kept that John & Romans and Gospel tract with him, and had been studying, reading, and going through!

Some weeks back, he started off, and after asking directions, he found the church property on a Lord’s Day.

We were so glad to meet Mr. Pumulo, but had no idea how far he walked. He kept visiting, coming almost every Sunday, Thursday and even Saturday for several weeks. We knew that he walked over the “Rail Line Bridge,” from a village across the river, but one day as I dropped him off taking people home, I asked him how far it was of a walk for him from there?

His answer shocked me.

“Two hours” he calmly and quietly informed me, as he is staying in Naluwama village. That means, that coming from where he stays, he walks at least 2.5 HOURS each time he comes to church, and even with us pushing him, it’s another 2 hours home! That’s a total of 4.5-5 HOURS…of WALKING…EACH time he comes to church, and that is often 3 times each week!

Would you spend 13.5 to 15 hours… WALKING… to be faithful to church?

Please pray for Mr. Pumulo. We are meeting with him about Salvation, and he is coming, listening, and seems serious… to say the least! I am looking at a way to take him home, to drive there is way out of the way, but at least, to encourage this man, as his sacrifice and coming is such a blessing to us.

I believe he could be close to the Kingdom, dear praying friends.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer.

Testimonies like these are what encourage us to stay faithful to keep giving out Gospel Tracts and John & Romans. If Mr. Pumulo has this kind of commitment, BEFORE he has been saved, what a servant of the Lord this man could become! Let’s pray together for this!!

With humbled hearts,

Your Missionary to Zambia, Sub-Saharan Africa John Schrader


The Bible was written:

  • over a 1500 year span (from circa 1400 B.C to A.D. 100)
  • over 40 generations
  • over 40 authors from many walks of life
  • in different places
  • at different times
  • on three continents (Asia, Africa, and Europe)
  • in three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic [Chaldee], and Greek)
  • the Bible can be read aloud in 70 hours


Samuel Martin Update:

This spring has presented the ministry with a whole new area of chal- lenges. We have plans to ship several containers of Scripture that we have ready for the mission fields. We are also working on the continu- ation of several projects that we have taken on. With the current world geopolitical issues, we are having difficulty in securing a ship to transport the containers of Scripture to their destinations. I recently requested containers for three shipments well in advance because of what I thought would be the hard part; getting the container, only to find that the containers are available, but the ships to transport them are very difficult to find. Please make this a matter of earnest prayer. We have enough Scripture to fill 6 containers for the mission fields but are having difficulty shipping them.

The second area we are challenged in is paper for the covers. We have the paper for the Scripture, but across the industry there is a lack of cover material. I have several people in many states trying to locate cover stock for me. As we find small quantities I am getting the covers printed but large quantities of cover stock are not currently availble.

The overall price increase of supplies for the ministry has exploded! The costs for paper to print Scripture, the cost for cover stock and even the cost for the paper to print this newsletter has increased over 100%. I received a phone call from the supplier who I buy staples from this week warning me that the prices are getting ready to double. This does not even include to costs for fuel to transport the Scripture or to attend meetings and conferences.

In February I heard that rolls of paper would be difficult to purchase, so we started looking, and Praise the Lord we located three truck-loads. These rolls of paper are currently sitting at the press, but we won’t be printing it until we know that we have the material to print the covers. We need to find enough cover stock for 500,000 Scripture.

Several of our seedline churches are finishing up the projects they have, but due to the shortage of cover stock I am unable to keep many of them in work. Folks, we are seeing the initial effects of the Biblical principle of “not working and soon we won’t be eating”. We can’t sit at home, expecting the government to provide us “free” money, and then wonder why the grocery stores have nothing on the shelves to purchase. Someone must work to produce the food for us to purchase, it doesn’t make itself. Likewise for paper and shipping. If people refuse to work, it shuts everything down. There soon could be no paper and ships for printing and sending the Gospel.

This principle is also being experienced in church attendance. As we travel to churches for meetings, we hear of many churches who provide “online” services, but not many in the pew. God’s plan is for us to assemble together. Without the attendance in the pew, there will be famine in the building. We cannot stay away from “assembling” because of the convenience. Workers are required to “go out and tell” the lost what the Lord has done for us, people are hurting, searching for the answer. WE HAVE the answer, JESUS CHRIST. We must assemble and work to let them know before it is too late.

In spite of the many challenges we are facing today and the world situation, I am encouraged by the signs of the time. The Lord’s return is near, but my heart goes out to the millions who are waiting for HIS Word. We must face these issues daily, keep looking for paper and searching for ships to take the containers of Scripture to souls in need of salvation and hope. God knows, God cares, God will provide.

Dennis Deneau Update:

SPRING! Always a welcome word! In Missouri, the grass is turning green, and already needing to be cut! (Today, it is “spitting” snow and cold.) But, when we think of Spring, we think of NEW LIFE! That is what our Scripture ministry is all about! Seeing souls around the world getting the Word of God in their hands for the first time, and seeing that God has a plan for their life! He plans to give them NEW LIFE through Christ, if they are willing to accept it! So many wonderful testimonies from around the world telling us just that. THANK YOU for being a part of reaching the lost through your giving, your prayers, your working in assembling the Word of God, or any other part you may have had to make this all possible. Please keep it up!

We had a wonderful first three months. I was able to challenge churches in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and now Missouri. Through these small churches, God has given us enough money to buy another semi-truck load of paper! Pray that God will provide the paper in His time, as many papermills now have not only increased prices, but they have allotments. Several pastors in these areas have accepted the “ton chart” and the challenge to buy a ton of paper. Pray the Lord will use this and we can buy yet another truckload and the coverstock to go on the Scriptures! Pray especially for the miracle to obtain both paper and coverstock soon. Amen!

We scheduled our time at our home church to help with the loading of two containers. God had other plans, and the containers were can- celled. We hope they will be available soon and we can get all of those completed Scriptures on their way to missionaries. We know that God will provide a way to deliver these where “hungry” souls await His Precious Word! Until then, we are desperately seeking storage for these completed Scripture portions.

In our printshop here at our church, we are currently assembling John-Romans in a restricted language. We have folks coming from a near-by church to help us and all are blessed knowing the desperate need to get the Word of God into that country. We are encouraged and enjoy precious fellowship as we work together in the service of the Lord to send the gospel to the uttermost.

Sweet Springs Baptist Church in Moberly, MO, does most of the printing of our Scriptures and they have recently been blessed with a glue binder, and are now able to help with New Testaments as well. To God be the Glory!

Physically, we have both been doing quite well. We praise the Lord for that so we can continue to serve Him with our physical bodies. We will be in Michigan in the next few months for MORE routine doctors appointments. It seems like when we reached our mid 70’s, we almost became on first-name basis with them!!!

Please pray for Lee’s sister. She has been her best friend, and a sister in Christ. She has been in ICU now for over a week, and they continue to find more issues. Only a miracle from God can spare her life. But, we thank the Lord for the years he has given us with her, should He call her Home. Pray for Lee.


Please continue praying for traveling mercies. We have plans for setting up a couple new seedline churches, a conference in Indiana and many hours on the road distributing Scripture from the press to our seedline churches.

We are continuing to pray concerning a space to hold Scripture that is waiting for distribution to seedline churches or preparing for shipment to the mission field. The ministry is continuing to grow and we are simply out of room. Please pray for the Lord’s direction and provisions concerning a building for the ministry. We know that the Lord already has everything planned out and His timing is always perfect.

As always, we are in need of funds for paper. Please pray that we can locate the paper and cover stock for the Scripture and also the ships to send the Scripture overseas.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Feel free to contact us if you would like a representative to visit your church and present the ministry of WORLD MISSIONS BEARING PRECIOUS SEED.

We are a faith promise ministry providing scripture free of charge to missionaries, church planters and struggling churches both in the U.S. and Abroad as the Lord provides. or 573.433.6593


World Missions Bearing Precious Seed is a Scripture publishing ministry of Second Baptist Church in Festus, Missouri. We are an Independent Baptist printing ministry helping Independent Baptist Churches of like faith get the gospel to their missionaries around the world.

WMBPS has printed over 18 million Scripture portions and sent them to missionaries overseas and to struggling and/or new church plants here in the United States. We currently have 46 seedline churches that help to make this possible.


WMBPS Seedline is a local church who has hands on involve- ment with publishing the Word of God. This is made possible by taking the printed page, collating it, placing the cover on the Scripture, stapling it, cutting the Scripture and boxing them for the mission field.

This ministry is easy, enjoyable and a great opportunity to involve the whole family. Young and old alike can get involved in this “hands-on” ministry. It’s a time of sweet fellowship as a church family!

Feel free to contact us if your church is interested in setting up a seedline ministry for your church.



For the first time since Dennis Deneau started the ministry of providing quality, leather Bibles, the vision of a local church do- ing the work of the Bible binding has become a reality. In 1991, while in Minnesota, Bro. Dennis Deneau had the first Bibles made at a bindery in Vermont. At that time, it was the highest quality that could be found made in America. In 1996, he moved the ministry from Park Rapids, MN to Lansing, MI where it continued to sell Bibles still made in Vermont. In 2006, when the bindery in Vermont was for sale, Lansing and its Pastor declined the opportunity to buy it and Bro. Dennis’ son Rob Deneau, purchased the bindery equipment and started Gold Leaf Enterprises—a business that operated as a ministry, providing made-in-America Bibles for several different churches. Rob and his family manufactured Bibles for Lansing from April 2007 to October 2016. In April of 2016, Dennis Deneau moved to Cadillac, MI and restarted Church Bible Publishers continuing the vision of producing high-quality Bibles at a reasonable cost. His son, Rob Deneau and his family have stood in the gap, operating Church Bible Publishers in Cadillac, Michigan since 2016. However, the vision of both father and son has always been for the church to be the ones making the Bibles.

Fast forward to 2021. Through a series of phone conversations with Pastor Bob Gray II, a monumental, (and providential) opportunity presented itself. Church Bible Publishers has now moved to Emmanuel Baptist Church of Longview, TX. This momentous occasion not only fulfills the vision of a local church manufacturing the Bibles – but also puts the bindery in a strong position for future growth. As of this writing, CBP Longview has retro-fitted a brand new maintenance building into a 5,000 sq. ft. of office and production space to house the bindery. The staff and personnel are in place – and the good people of Emmanuel Baptist Church are squarely behind the vision of God’s people making Bibles for God’s people.

Bro. Rob Deneau has spent time teaching and training bindery staff in Texas for an ample period of time, to assure that the qual- ity we have come to love remains as high as it has been for the past 15 years. We will continue to use the same high-quality raw materials and the same manufacturing techniques to create beautifully hand-crafted King James Bibles. We are dedicated to maintaining a premier level of customer service…. And we will even keep the same phone number! Please take a moment to pray for this entire move, and don’t forget to keep checking the website ( for updates and top quality KJV Bibles.

Update: Church Bible Publishers of Longview has competed their move and training and is now up and running! Thank you for your prayers and continued support. Feel free to contact them for all your Bible needs!

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