Dice Family to England

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

There are times of waiting and rest and those times are very important to help us continue our journey. I’m thankful our Pastor recommended we take a month to be at our home church. So, in July we went home to BethHaven, and it was a great time of refreshment for us. It was such a blessing to be with our church family and to partake in various events that took place. One big event was the July HOPE Conference; Jericho helped in the kitchen, and I put together book packets and did some book editing for a new workbook.

Another big event was the calling of an additional pastor at BethHaven. Our home church has been going through a time of growth for some time with the Addictions Ministry, Counseling, Seminary, and Christian School, and it was a needful thing to add another pastor. I was able to serve on the pulpit committee which was a very helpful experience for me, and God knit our hearts together as we prayed and served together. Praise the Lord we were able to call and vote on an additional pastor by the middle of August.

It was also a blessing to have all the missionaries sent out of our church, save one family, back at BethHaven in July as well; there were missionaries from Italy, England, Czech Republic, and those on deputation to Italy and preparing for Portugal. One evening we all came together for dinner and had a great time of fellowship.

Jericho and I also celebrated our 9th Anniversary (6/28) and our birthdays (7/21 & 7/24); we were able to get some of our favorite food and even have a babysitter to watch our kids for us. Woohoo! It was just what we needed as we enter this last phase of our deputation journey.

Praise the Lord we now have 75% of our support coming in. Even through the summer we continued to hear from churches taking us on and additional support continued to stream in. Because we are nearing 85% support, I have reached out to our sponsor in England. Please pray the Lord helps us as we navigate all that the visa application process entails.

I’m thankful for James and the relationship we have developed. He proposed to his girlfriend last month, and she accepted. I’m thankful they are doing things the right way according to the Word. James has been meeting with Daniel, but we haven’t been able to have a 1:1 study yet. Please pray the Lord would put that together. Unfortunately, my ability to influence the larger group of those saved in England that I had been sharing my daily devotions with and other Bible study material has ended. There was something unbiblical said that needed to be addressed, and it wasn’t well received so I was removed from the WhatsApp group. It’s important to not shy away from Biblical truth even when it’s not going to be well received.

Please pray for our safety, for souls saved, lives surrendered and for the Lord to use us for His glory. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Because of Christ,

Shane & Jercho + Aiden + Zoe + Rylee Dice


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