Dice Family to England

Travels: The last two months have been busy and blessed as we have traveled around 5,500 miles: from Oklahoma to New Mexico to Ohio to Illinois to Virginia to Ohio to New York. During that time, we have been in eight Missions Conferences or Missions Sundays, and we have seen God move in the hearts of men and women. Two different men came up to me testifying of God’s working in their lives to surrender to missions. God is still calling laborers into His service! While at a conference in Ohio I was able to help with their Seedline Ministry for a few days putting together John & Romans for some missionaries overseas. It’s always a blessing helping churches we’re with to get the Gospel out through soul-winning and other ministries they have.

Vehicle: After replacing our tires and one rim in New Mexico at the end of August, our car has been running well. We have topped 200,000 miles, but the Lord keeps it running well. Other than oil changes, brake pads, rotors, and tune ups, we haven’t had much to take care of with the car. We are in the process of finalizing some repairs on our RV, and then we will sell it. Please pray we can get it ready to sell by Spring, and that we can fetch a good price.

Family: Aiden has started first grade and is doing a great job in reading and math. Jericho has been busy with Aiden in school and keeping our family organized. We’ve been in lots of conferences recently, but she does a great job of balancing care for Zoe and Rylee as well as assisting Aiden with schooling. I don’t know how she does it so well.

Laborers: While in NY, I visited a basilica in Buffalo. It was sad to see the prominent quote, “Mary did it all.” We know according to Scripture that statement is untrue, but there are many falsely believing what the Catholics espouse. While in the basilica, I noticed a woman praying through the fourteen stations of the cross, hoping to gain favor with God, yet we know it is by grace through faith in Christ not by works of righteousness according to Ephesians 2:8-10. There are many who have put their faith in religion or themselves. Who will go and tell that Jesus is the only way? There is a great need for more laborers. Would you join me in praying that the Lord would send more laborers into His harvest?

Inflation: Due to the recent rising costs of inflation and uncertainty with the British pound, we have received counsel from our pastor and the other England missionaries out of our church to raise our monthly support amount. After praying and recalculating our personal and ministry needs with updated numbers, we raised our support goal by $500/month. This set us back a little bit, but support has continued coming in. We are still getting closer to our goal of 100%. As of now we are booking meetings through the end of April, and we still have some gaps to fill, mostly in January.

Visas: Praise the Lord, we have heard from our visa sponsor. We will be able to get our certificate of sponsorship once we reach 95% of our support coming in, which will help us ensure we do not go under supported. Now that we have a concrete number, please pray for us to reach this goal in the next few months.

Prayer Requests: Here are some of our prayer requests as we are in the process of wrapping up deputation. Please pray for our health, strength, wisdom, God’s Perfect Timing, for souls to be saved, and for the Lord to be glorified with our lives.

Because of Christ,

Shane & Jericho + Aiden + Zoe + Rylee Dice


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