Dice Family to England

Hello from the Dices. We have had a busy last couple of months, with travels from Oklahoma to Kansas to Colorado and back again. One of the churches the Lord allowed us to be with is without a pastor, but they graciously invited us to go ahead and come and the Lord greatly blessed our time there. We prayed to be an encouragement, but they were a great encouragement to us.


While in CO, Jericho had the opportunity to speak at her first ladies’ meeting. They were expecting around forty- five ladies, but there were over fifty that attended. She was a little nervous, but she did a great job for the Lord. Following the meeting, a lady the church had been praying for accepted Christ, and she presented herself for baptism the following Sunday.

We previously mentioned that we have had three gospel tracts designed and sent to printers here in the U.S. to ship over to England. Recently Lighthouse Baptist Church in Plymouth had 2,000 copies printed in the UK to hand out now. We’re eager to arrive and join in the work there.

We have been praying the Lord would give us ten more churches to partner with us, and we have had an additional nine churches take us on in the past two months.

Sponsorship – Urgent Prayer Request

In our last letter we wrote of applying for sponsorship. We did so, and everything was submitted around 4/1 with an expectation for approval around 4/15. As of this past week, our sponsor, which has sponsored other missionaries into the UK for fifteen years, had their sponsorship privileges suspended through no fault of their own. There is an appeal being made, but the door for us to get in under their sponsorship has been closed. There are many missionary families being affected by this, and this is a matter of urgent prayer. Any missionary currently in the UK under that sponsor has sixty days after 5/15 to be approved under a new sponsor, or they will be forced to leave the UK.

Our plan A is to now go in under the sponsorship of Bro. Kent Gossmeyer, who is another missionary out of our church, and is moving forward with the application process for himself to become a sponsor. There are other missionaries who will be sponsored before us, so they can stay in country, but if all goes well, we will apply at the end of this year or beginning of next year. In the meantime, we can still visit the UK for up to six months, which would give us an opportunity to have the survey trip we never had due to COVID, and would give us an opportunity to purchase and prepare things for our moving over there. We are praying and discussing with our pastors the best way forward. Please pray Bro. Gossmeyer can get his approval in a timely manner, so that other missionaries who need to transfer their sponsorship can do so, and so that we can get our sponsorship into the UK.

God bless,

Shane & Jercho + Aiden + Zoe + Rylee Dice


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