George and Luisa Dimakos to Greece

George and Luisa Dimakos to Greece

Dear Pastor and friends, (the church is behind this Karaiskaki square )

Summer is here and Greece is open for tourism, no COVID restrictions in place, however we all managed to get COVID, the Sindes including all 3 kids, my wife and I, and Rahim and his pregnant wife Zahra, a couple of the church members also had it in the past month. Bless the Lord for healing and protection. The work continues in spite of illness and circumstances, and we were blessed to see 21 saved and 20 baptized in the past two months.

One handicapped Afghani man came in late to our service one night and he shared his story:  “One night I was in a lot of pain and I called on Mohammad, then I called on all the prophets in order, but the pain continued, even got more intense. Then I remembered what I had heard one day that I visited the Voice of Truth, Jesus is the Healer, so I began to pray and ask Jesus to heal me, and the pain subsided.  I am here to call upon Jesus today.”  Praise the Lord for His Healing Power, healing both soul and body.

A quick report on the building project, moving right along.  Indoor painting in progress, the elevator should be done next week. We are working on the garden in the front entrance, lots of detail work to be done still. Paperwork is still a big issue. In order to move in we have to pass inspection.  Please continue to pray that everything will fall into place.  We plan to have a dedication service in the Spring, March 26, 2023.

Thank you for your prayers and support,
George & Luisa

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