George and Luisa Dimakos to Greece

George and Luisa Dimakos to Greece

Voice of Truth

Building Dedication March 26, 2023

Dear Pastor and friends,

We are coming to a close on the building project, unification of the two buildings still in progress, but we are planning ahead and setting a date for the building dedication because we would like to invite you and your church members to come and celebrate with us.

We have put together two travel packages if you choose to take advantage of the fantastic prices we were able secure for you, these packages DO NOT include your flights.

For detailed information please follow the Link: or Scan the QR code and SUBMIT your form to secure your place. For more information please contact Voice of Truth newest team member, Micheal Quinlan at 8l6 258 4493, currently stateside.

We look forward to hear from you.

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