Bob & Dee Dodson

Bob and Dee Dodson to Tanzania

JOESEPH MAGUFULI PASSED AWAY. He was just into his second five year term as president of Tanzania. The cause of death was rumored to be Covid. It was not so. He suffered from a heart condition that could be traced back to college days. The vice-president was sworn into the office to finish this term. She is the first female president of an East African country. Her name is Samia Suluhi Hassan.

Pray for peace and ability to continue to do the work of the Lord here.

THAT MUCH SOUGHT AFTER DOCUMENT WAS PROCESSED! February 17th the Department of Labor released my work permit. It is good for one year (twelve months from issue). I filed alone based on advice from the local immigration office. Straightway I sent in my application for my resident visa. Its a two-part process. The resident pass could not be followed after without first acceptance from the Labor Department.

One could look at this as Bob and Dee have only eleven more months in Tanzania. We are not ready to accept that yet. We wait to see just what God is going to do. You all can also pray for God to work His will not only in our lives, but those around
us. God IS at work. He does not need a work permit. He employs

His Spirit and His people. Read on how 2021 is shaping up.

In both January and February we taught young
Timothys in B.T.C.P. and encouraged local pastors
In fellowship meetings. The current administration has been reducing the missionary numbers. That means we are pressing the local pastors to take more leadership. During this time we are pressing the talented young men into the places of training and vision casting; ownership. Transitions are not popular anywhere. Plus, we missionaries have been present for years. It’s like losing a friend. Prayer is much desired here.

We praise God for the

opportunities He continues to open up for us. In a Covid climate some headmasters do not want their kids taken to a foreign location. So they invite us to come to their school.

This means we are entering schools that previously we were not allowed to enter. Plus, the previous president (see front page) wanted all students to have field days on Fridays. Se we opened our campus to school competitions. One Friday in March we had two thousand, one hundred, thirty-nine kids on campus. It’s a new record.

All this means so far this year we have presented the Gospel of Good News in Jesus Christ to over thirteen thousand young people. Hallelujah!

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