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The Toughest Summer in MMO History

Just four short months ago, we were holding our breath with anticipation, working down long lists for ticketing, accommodations, medications and supplies, packing, and tasks. We had 12 trips between May 15 and August 31, involving over 350 team members. There were national pastors, missionaries, church volunteers, and entire communities who were counting down the days until our teams’ arrivals. Many had been waiting for two years.

How can we describe what we just witnessed on three continents this summer? Do we start with the patient who trusted Christ in June at our clinic in Tanzania who was serving as a volunteer when we returned with another team in August? Or should we tell about the previously closed village in Romania who begged the missionary to preach right there on the street after their invitation to receive medical care? Do we try to explain the crushing blows that came with closed doors to five different countries, but the four incredible missionary hosts who worked with us to plan new trips on short notice? Would you want to hear about the three pediatric surgical cases that are in the works? Or perhaps the brand-new wheelchair we had delivered right to our patient in clinic, changing every part of his day? But will you then weep with us over the end-stage cancer patients we saw, who received little medical hope but life-changing eternal hope? 

We lie awake and see their faces at night. So many stories, so much suffering, and so much need for grace. Grace was offered to the malnourished, the broken, victims of physical and sexual abuse, the unfaithful, the isolated, the hopeless, the neglected. One by one they told us their stories, and in turn, we pointed them to the Great Physician.

In 15 years of ministry, we have never seen so many obstacles in our path. But we have also never seen such reception to the gospel. Churches are flourishing, doors are opening, and hearts are receiving the hope that is found only in Christ. Thank you for being a part of what has been perhaps the greatest summer of ministry we have ever seen.

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This year has stretched our home office like never before. To mobilize 14 teams so far in 2021, we have actually had to plan 19 trips (we switched to Plan B five times). The logistics of ticketing and COVID testing for both departure and return meant hours of extra work and creative thinking. We are so grateful for the resilient team the Lord has sent our way to help us get to the field over and over again this year. If you are looking for a way to be a blessing to our home office staff, the joining the Tribe is a great one! Your monthly membership helps us ensure that our support team is taken care of and can continue to minister in the years to come. In return, you’ll get great missions content through videos and other products. Find out more by clicking below!

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