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Over the past 17 years, we have taken more team members to Honduras than any other single location on the mission field. Going to new places each year is always exciting, but there is also unique beauty in returning to the same spot over and over.

The first time we visited Honduras to serve, the work there was barely a year old. Our host missionaries had trained a small group of new believers from the church to share their faith with the community of Aguas Blancas. Many were able to lead someone to Christ for the very first time.

That first year, there was a man living just a few miles from the church plant whose life was full of hurt, addiction, and loneliness. He had not yet heard the gospel. Invited by family, his wife and two girls had begun to attend the church. The entire church began to pray for this man’s salvation.
This year, Alex Reyes, now a pastor in Santa Barbara, hosted his second MMO team. His wife Yadira, who faithfully prayed for him, was by his side. Over 1,500 patients were seen, and 80 of these placed their faith in Jesus.

The sacred privilege to witness a ministry’s generational impact on their community is a blessing we are seeing more and more often these days. Of the 19 trips on our calendar this year, seven are new host churches for us. We are praying that over the next 15 years, the Lord allows us to see more and more Alexes used for His glory and the furtherance of the gospel.

Behind-the-scenes look at a valuable partner ministry 

Making travel arrangements for large international teams is not a science; it is an art. To bring so many people together from across the US and Canada (and sometimes even other countries!) requires careful planning, strategy, and flexibility. Last year, we took 437 team members to the field to serve; this year we are projecting over 500 will join us.About 18 months ago, the Lord answered a huge need by helping us connect with Mission Valley Travel, an agency with offices in California and Montana, that specializes in humanitarian assistance and nonprofits who serve internationally. Founder Denis Agafonov has a passion for mobilizing those who want to serve and making it affordable for as many as possible. His own family is involved in missions; his wife recently served on a short-term trip as a translator for Ukrainian refugees in Romania. He leads an entire staff of people who are ready to assist in an emergency, and they have saved the day for us on multiple occasions involving missed flights, delays, or cancellations.

Everything, when done for the Lord’s glory, is ministry. We are grateful for Denis and the Mission Valley Travel team who serve with such passion and are making a difference around the world.

We have several very special 2023 trips going to the Rearick Surgical Center–our permanent clinical site in El Progreso, Honduras. If you are a surgeon or anesthesiologist, we need your unique skills! Click here and fill out our interest form if you’d like to serve in a specific position on our RSC surgical teams! 


Pray for our Tribe members traveling in the month of May! If you’d like to learn more about joining the MMO Tribe, find out more here.
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Are you local to McDonough, GA? We have a great need of local volunteers for both regular and one-time projects here, and would love your help! Fill out the form below to let us know if you are interested in learning more!

We are so excited to officially launch our 2023 Calendar on June 1 4pm EST, and even earlier for our Tribe Members! Stay tuned on our social media pages for more information on how you can get involved in our 2023 launch, or visit our current calendar below to see spaces we still have in the 2022 schedule!



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