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We are covering a lot of ground this summer!

In our summer season alone, we will have taken 11 teams and over 300 medical professionals and volunteers overseas to 4 separate continents.

Right now we’re just about at the halfway point for our summer trips, and we are excited to report 4288 patients treated, with each of those individuals hearing the Gospel of Christ in their heart language.

Team Honduras is currently knee-deep in their medical and optical clinics in El Progreso this week, and just days after their return our teams to Peru and Zambia will be in the air!

That’s nearly 150 volunteers serving around the world, with feet in three different clinical locations, and the majority of our staff out of the country.  Pray for patients with soft hearts, precision for our healthcare workers, and wisdom for our staff as they navigate the details of these trips. We are excited about all God will do in the next few weeks!

While we are praising the Lord for numbers like these, we know that God is far more concerned with heart conditions than He is with numbers.

Our heartbeat is for the ones left behind – the pastors and local churches who will follow up with these patients long after our clinics are packed up, and the individuals who ultimately need the life-giving hope of Christ no matter what their clinical prescription says. We are so encouraged by the one-on-one testimonies we hear–the quiet, slow, behind-the-scenes work that God is doing in the lives of our patients even after we’ve returned from a trip. We hope to share some of their stories soon!


We’d like to take this moment quickly to highlight a children’s ministry we had the privilege to partner with recently!

The Good Samaritan Children’s Home in Blantyre, Malawi opened in 2003, and houses 120+ children from ages 1-18. The incredible workers at this home are committed to caring for and creating a safe space for orphaned children, many of whom suffer from health and safety conditions prevalent in southern Malawi. The love that these staff workers pour into the children is making a big difference in the lives of these children, but the need is still great! We are already praying about organizing future teams to return to Malawi soon to meet the need we saw during our clinics earlier this month.

Would you pray with alongside us as God paves a way for future trips, and provides the Dental, Optical, and Medical volunteer personnel we would need to meet some specific needs in this country? We hope to return to this special place soon!

Click here to see a quick video of some of the kids we were blessed to meet and care for while partnering with The Good Samaritan Children’s Home.


This month, we sent a small-but-mighty team of medical professionals and volunteers to hold clinics in Malawi.  Read here about this trip in our newest blog article from Charley Threet! Charley served as a nurse on two of our past trips to Romania and Malawi. She has brought so much to our teams with her compassionate care and professional skills. We look forward to serving with her again in Mongolia and Bolivia in 2022!



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