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Each and every patient has a story!

Since our 2022 calendar year launched this past January, we have had the honor and privilege to serve 15,761 patients total!

That total brings tears to our eyes–not because of a number, but because of the individual faces we are picturing from each one of these 11 trips so far: The woman desperately searching for adequate care for her hurting child. The worker who couldn’t find proper medical attention for his leg wound, and is quickly slipping into a sedentary life. The child who cannot read because they do not know better, in a developing country where eye care is unavailable or financially impossible. 

We have seen each one of these faces, standing in long lines under the sun, hours before our clinics have begun as they look for the answers to their physical hurt. If you’ve traveled with us or followed our clinics, you know that we want to give each precious patient so much more: the ultimate hope and healing that binds up wounds even when a prescription runs low, and meets deep need where medicine cannot reach. 

Help us pray for our overseas church partners and patients like Berenice, Lilianne, Eunice, Romeo, and Dolores (several pictured above)! We know that the work done locally after we have packed up our clinic is vital – both the medical and spiritual follow-up. We covet your prayers as each local church partner overseas endeavors to connect and reach patients in the aftermath of our clinics. 

  • RSC (October)Surgical/PACU nurses
  • Bolivia (November)Bilingual translators and Physical Therapy Providers
  • Haiti (Jan) – medical providers
    Click here to contact us about filling a need on one of these specific upcoming trips! 


We’d like to take this moment quickly to highlight a ministry we had the privilege to partner with last quarter!

Hosanna Ministries is located in Jacmel, Haiti where we served this past spring and will be returning to in 2023. Our national hosts there, Josue and Emmanuella Laguerre, serve as part of Hosanna Ministry where he is the Administrative and Finance Director. This ministry supports several churches, but the main one is Evangelical Baptist Church in Jacmel, where we will be serving on our upcoming 2023 trips. 

Hosanna Ministries has served as a catalyst for local outreach and ministry development in the Jacmel area as they’ve grown throughout the years. They have educational influence through their schools: kindergarten through Bible seminary training. They host a seaside camp, provide healthcare services to the hurting through local hospitals, and have a radio ministry that reaches 1.5 million people in the southeast side of Haiti.


Overseas churches helped: 7
Patients seen: 11,541
Salvation testimonies: 926

Please help us pray for Hosanna Ministries, and the incredible work they are doing in the Jacmel area! We are so excited to partner again with them soon in our 2023 trip season. For more information on our upcoming trips to Haiti to work alongside Josue and Emmanuella Laguerre, visit our trip page here!


The month of July was National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month! This issue resonates deeply with our ministry as we deal with cases of mental health in our own overseas clinics. We are currently developing some brand new programs to aid our medical professionals on future trips, through the help and expertise of MMO Staff Nurse, Bethany Berendsen.

Read more about this from Bethany’s perspective in our newest blog article!

What is your unique skill set? Are you interested in traveling with us, serving as a ministry partner, or volunteering locally with us?  The MMO Agency is committed to finding a place for you at MMO. Fill out the form below and indicate what your level of interest is. We look forward to hearing from you!



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