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Dear Sending Friends,The cicadas have quieted here in Georgia, signaling that autumn is slowly creeping in. Our whirlwind summer of travel left us standing in awe of what God has done. We had several first-time countries, first-time missionary/national pastor hosts, and first-time travelers, but we went forth with the old story of the Gospel which was new to so many! Here are some of the totals for July and August.

During September Bradley completed a successful survey trip to Thailand to prepare for a team in March and a trip to Mongolia with 30 team members and 1,303 patients treated. The Gospel went forth to these Buddhist people, many of whom had never heard the name of Christ! 

Thank you to all who gave to our July trip which enabled our four children to work alongside us in Peru. Noah and Jude practiced their Spanish in the optical clinic, LuLu became proficient at taking vital signs in triage, and Ruby ran miles each day as a clinic runner. It was a blessing to work as a family towards the same goal of spreading the Gospel!

Our latest news is that our family has grown by one more! We have been given the opportunity to care for a 5-year-old boy named David as his mother is currently ill and unable to care for him.  We love him already and understand that this is most likely a long-term situation. Please pray for all of us as we transition. 

Serving Alongside,

Bradley, Kelly, Noah, Jude, Lulu, and Ruby Edmondson




Praise God for the miracles in Mongolia!

We can’t let September go by without mentioning Mongolia – a trip that by all counts shouldn’t have happened!

Back in 2021, God put the community of Hatgal on our radar, a beautiful and remote village on the southern tip of Lake Khövsgöl. Getting there meant nearly 7,000 miles of travel and multiple modes of transportation as we tackled the changing travel policies and the procedural obstacles that come with taking a team of 30 to a remote location. 

Praise the Lord for the 1303 patients who came during clinics in Hatgal! This could only happen with an incredible, adaptable team of volunteers, supporters like you praying and giving from home, and an amazing God working in hearts and doing the impossible.

As this trip came together, we saw God’s hand in so many specific ways. A moment we’d love to share is from our initial journey into the country. Medical equipment, eyeglasses, and pharmacy supplies had gotten held back customs, and we’d been denied access to them for our Hatgal clinics. 

“While we were waiting in line to check in a customs agent came over looking for us. When I explained that I was the leader of the team she asked me to follow her downstairs. When we got to the customs area she explained all night she could not sleep because she felt so bad for taking her stuff. She knew we had traveled a great distance to provide care to the patients free of charge in an area that has such great need. She called her supervisor in the middle of the night woke him up and explain the situation. He agreed and they returned our supplies this morning.  What an answer to prayer!” – B. Edmondson 

Help us continue to pray for the country of Mongolia! It was such a privilege to work with the host team there–the Martin family along with a wonderful group of local missionaries and volunteers–who have collectively served in the area for over 20 years. This makes the follow-up work so significant as they continue to do what we cannot fit into nine days…healthcare follow-up, sustained relationships and discipleship, and continued Gospel conversations. 

  • Cape Verde (January)Medical professionals 
  • Haiti (January)Medical professionals 
  • Tanzania (April) – Optical volunteers
  • Click here to contact us about filling a need on one of these specific upcoming trips! 


We’d like to take this moment to quickly highlight a ministry we’ve had the privilege to partner with this month! 

We were invited to come be a part of the missions conference this past week at Bob Jones University. BJU has a special place in our hearts as we’ve traveled with their students and alumni, led trips alongside their medical professionals and leaders, hosted multiple students in our summer internship program, and visited the beautiful campus many times over the years to share what God is doing here. 

This year’s conference at BJU took an emphasis on highlighting refugee efforts around the world, and we were privileged to share our vision and work in workshops and classes throughout the week. 

We thank the Lord for the opportunity the share with so many on the brink of big life decisions for missions and medical work, and pray for future opportunities to partner with this precious ministry!  

Overseas churches helped: 9
Patients seen: 12,871
Salvation testimonies: 927 NON-MEDICAL TAKE ON MMO
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She works as a professional business marketer in the greater Atlanta area and traveled as a volunteer on our recent trip to Chipata, Zambia. Read on for some some non-medical thoughts from Fran on how God used her professional skills and shaped her perspective during the trip.  Read more here  for some great perspective from Fran in this month’s article!

What is your unique skill set? Are you interested in traveling with us, serving as a ministry partner, or volunteering locally with us?  The MMO Agency is committed to finding a place for you at MMO. Fill out the form below and indicate what your level of interest is. We look forward to hearing from you!

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