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Dear Supporters,

Christmas is here and we have stopped traveling long enough to gather together and reflect on His goodness, HIs promises, and His Son. We will be waking up on Christmas morning with hearts full of gratitude and praise for Who He is, not just what He has accomplished in our lives.

October allowed our medical, dental, and optical teams to return to the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador for the second time. We received a desperate email from the Pastor there, stating that the mayor of the city was requesting help again. Due to the distance from the mainland, Galapagos rarely receives any medical aid. He offered assistance in getting us into the country and provided transportation for our team. We assembled a group of 48 volunteers and after four long clinic days we were shocked to discover that 2,231 patients had come through the clinic doors. The evangelistic team shared the gospel tirelessly and several hundred patients trusted Christ.

The Rearick Surgical Center also opened its doors once again in October to provide life-changing orthopedic and general surgeries.  A team of fourteen operating room personnel descended upon the RSC in Honduras to spend a week repairing hernias, removing gallbladders, removing old hardware from prior surgeries, and adding new hardware to fresh fractures.  In total, 27 patients were helped.  Each of these patients had gospel conversations with members of Beacon Baptist Church prior to surgery, and several have visited the church since their recoveries. We look forward to returning to the RSC in March for our next set of surgeries. If you don’t already follow our page on social media, please check out the Rearick Surgical Center on Facebook and Instagram for great stories and statistics of all the Lord is doing in this area.

The end of October found yet another MMO optical team in the country of Guyana visiting Pastor Yankana and the people of Bible Baptist Church in East Bank Demerara.  We have been working with this church since 2010, so it’s always a treat to return and see our friends again. Our team consisted of 17 non-medical volunteers and 995 were seen in our optical clinic. Due to the strong presence of Islam and Hinduism in Guyana, Gospel conversations take longer than some locations. We are so thankful that the Word went forth and we know that seeds were planted.

Our last trip of the year was scheduled for Bolivia in November. Unfortunately, the day before our scheduled departure, we made the difficult decision to postpone the trip due to political unrest in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Although it was a nearly impossible decision, we are at peace with God’s timing. Please pray for the Murray family, the missionaries in Bolivia with whom we were working, as they have returned to the US temporarily until the unrest subsides.

Giving Tuesday was a success at MMO! We decorated The Concourse for Christmas and enjoyed connecting LIVE with our supporters on Facebook and Instagram while we talked about our biggest needs for the New Year.  Praise the Lord for His goodness! With the help of our amazing supporters, we were given the money for two portable ultrasound machines, an exhaust system for our warehouse, and an electronic medical record system that will enable us to launch our new Telehealth program for missionaries in 2023! Big things are coming next year, and we are thrilled that we get to be a part.

As always, we are acutely aware of the debt we owe to our supporters. We could not go forth without your prayer coverage and your monthly support. We cannot have teams without those of you who sacrifice time and money to join us on each trip. This ministry is bigger than any one of us and we humbly thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for all the “extra” Christmas gifts, as well. You have no idea how much it means to us this year as we have added another member to our family.

Please pray for our health and safety going forward. Pray for our high school boys as they will be getting driver’s licenses in 2023. Pray for our girls to be lights in the darkness. And pray for our tiny boy David, who is still on loan to us – he has a long journey ahead of him and we are blessed by him every day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bradley, Kelly, Noah, Jude, Lulu, Ruby, and David



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