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We anticipate all God will do in 2023!

Impact Reports 2022 are out and if you had a role in giving to MMO over the past year, you may have seen some of the numbers. We look back with thankfulness, and look forward with anticipation of all He will do again! 


MMO will send out 20 teams this year to multiple continents, and we’ve watched nearly all of those trips fill with incredible, qualified volunteers who are ready to go and serve in a high-impact way! Our next trip is in just weeks, and 37 team members will head to our first-ever clinic in St. Louis, Senegal to serve alongside Missionary Josh Mead and the local church there.  

In the meantime, we are busy at our headquarters with some ongoing projects from your 2022 giving toward Medical Missions Outreach…

We’ve officially launched into full development of our new program to provide e-consults for missionaries around the world in areas where they lack access to good healthcare. We have purchased a mobile Emergency Medical Records (EMR) system that can be used for this program, the RSC, and mobile clinics as well. We also had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable last month with mental health professionals from around the country to discuss opportunities for providing soul care for missionary families. 

Ultrasound Equipment 
This Butterfly and Ipad system allows our providers to perform ultrasounds in our mobile clinic setting. We purchased multiple Butterfly Ultrasound Equipment systems after Giving Tuesday, and look forward to our qualified professionals using these in-clinic. See this system in action during one of our clinics in the Galápagos Islands last year! 

Concourse Ventilation
We are blessed with a large warehouse storage area. This houses all of our equipment and supplies that are stored for months at a time before being used. Last year’s giving has helped us launch ventilation project to treat the warehouse air quality here so that these items can stay in usable condition before being shipped to the field.

We can’t wait to see the big impact of these projects as we head farther into our 2023 calendar. 


Journey is a black tie gala with one goal in mind: raising funds for the underserved people around the world by sharing the need with those who have a heart and the ability to make a difference.

Come to our headquarters in McDonough, Georgia to enjoy a delicious dinner and live music with us while experiencing the ambiance of Casablanca.

We will spend one special evening together at a black tie gala where we will examine the needs of underserved people across the globe and find out how to make a difference. The world is hurting, and we can journey to them to provide quality, ethical healthcare along with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your heart and ability to make a difference can be life-changing for patients in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Take a journey with us to reach them.

So come for our very first black tie gala on Friday, April the 21st.  Join our Journey!

Hear more about this event and our sponsorship packages, and claim your seat today by visiting our Journey gala page here.


Check out our newest article on the blog!

Christina Huffman joined us for her first trip this past month in Praia, Cabo Verde! She shares a beautiful story from clinics that week and a specific way she saw God work in a patient’s life. We love reminders like this, and we are so thankful for volunteers like Christina who serve with open hands and care with deep compassion. Thank you for sharing, Christina!

Click here to read her testimony from Cabo Verde and all God did as she served there last month!


  • RSC Teams (April, June, Oct, Nov) – Additional surgical personnel 
  • Ethiopia (May) – Medical & non-medical 
  • Colombia (June) – Optical volunteers 
  • El Salvador (July): Dentist
  • Haiti (September) – Dental professionals
  • Vanuatu (August) – Physician
    Click here to contact us about filling a need on one of these specific upcoming trips! 



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