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We look forward to a special evening with our friends and ministry partners!

Our first ever Black Tie Gala is just around the corner! For many of you, that means being at our Georgia headquarters together soon! Here are a few ways anyone get involved as April 21 draws closer…

Buy a seat at the event, or gift one to a friend! 
Even if you can’t join us in person here in McDonough, Georgia, you can be a part of this special event! Purchase a seat for someone you know in the area or sponsor a seat that can be given away locally. Claim a seat or read more about the events of this special evening right here

Volunteer locally. 
Help us get this space ready for our first-ever annual fundraising gala! You can volunteer here and fill out the form to become a part of our local serve team, or email us at mmo@medical-outreach.com with any specific questions on how to get involved leading up to our event. 

Our prayer is that many doors around the world are opened through this fundraising gala, but we know that the ultimate results belong to the Lord. Help us leading up to this event through prayer! Pray that Christ will be working in each precious patient who may be reached in the future as a result of this fundraiser. Pray as we prepare to share the global need next month, that we would be able to present a clear message. Pray for those in attendance, that their hearts would be open to being involved in this gospel effort, and that their eyes would be turned toward Christ as we show some of the amazing things He has done around the world. 


Each one of these organizations represents not only a special sponsorship with our ministry, but a precious investment in what God is doing through Medical Missions Outreach around the globe.

Thank you to each one our sponsors listed above, and to our many sponsors not on this list! MMO has been deeply impacted over the years through the generosity and sacrifice of many committed to furthering the vision of reaching developing countries through the gift of medicine and the local church. If you own a business or know someone who owns a local business and may have interest in a future sponsorship with Medical Missions Outreach, you can read more about what we do and our big why on our website, and you can email any questions you may have to mmo@medical-outreach.com.

Our annual calendar launch is coming up! We’re currently finalizing the destinations around the world where we’ll be serving in 2024, and we look forward to sharing our news with you on June 1. Keep an eye out over the next few months as we share more information on our upcoming launch, and how you can get in on the exciting news early! 

We’re already in the early stages of restocking our Eyeglass Recycling Center as we prepare for the rest of the 2023 Trip Calendar! If you are sending in eyeglass donations, would you help us in a big way by looking especially for donations in Bifocals -2.50, -2.75, -3.00, -3.25 as well as Bifocals +3.00, +3.25, +3.50? For any specific questions, email our Optical Coordinator!


Check out our newest article on the blog

Chomba Hansende joined us for her second MMO trip this year in Cabo Verde. She shares a beautiful personal testimony, as well as a story from clinics that week of a specific way she saw God work in a patient’s life. We love reminders like this, and we are so thankful for volunteers like Chomba who serve with open hands and care with deep compassion. Thank you for sharing, Chomba! 

Click here to read her testimony from Cabo Verde and all God did as she served there last month! 


  • RSC Teams (June, Oct, Nov) – Additional surgical personnel 
  • Haiti (June) – Medical professionals
  • El Salvador (July): Dentist
  • Haiti (September) – Dental professionals
  • Click here to contact us about filling a need on one of these specific upcoming trips! 



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