Freemans to Argentina

Freemans to Argentina

Greetings From Argentina

We pray this finds you and your family doing well. Since our last letter, the ministry has been filled with some wonderful ups and a few downs. Even though Argentina continues to be under restrictions, for the most part our ministry is back to normal, or the “new normal”. We started returning back to more in person services in December as well as holding special activities.

On December 20th, we had our Christmas program with all the children of the church presenting a Christmas play entitled “Christmas through the eyes of a child”. Being that we were still under restrictions we did not have as much freedom to invite and publish the special service but still had a good turnout. The Lord was glorified and the Gospel was presented.

Christmas week we received news that the county government official’s of where our camp property is located approved us of having one week of youth camp but under strict guidelines. Needless to say we were thrilled to able to at least have one camp rather than none so we started full steam ahead with all the preparations. With only a few weeks to prepare, we worked hard physically and spiritually getting things prepared. The Friday before camp we had a special work day in order to make sure everything was ready for the start of camp on Monday. Knowing how important camp is to our ministry here in Argentina, we all were excited. As the work day was coming to a close we received news that the county officials had decided to prohibit our week of camp. We were told that if we went ahead with the camp we would face fines and have problems with the government. Needless to say we were heartbroken. We know the devil was fighting hard because the worldly events were still allowed and going strong but we were prohibited to have a youth camp.

Starting the first of February the restrictions started to ease up somewhat so we started having more services as well as having special activities. Angela held a teacher training seminar for our church with a total of 9 members completing the course. Being that kids are still on break we put on a VBS for two days. As always with a VBS our prayer and goal is to see new kids come to Christ, our church kids grow in the Lord, as well as having a great time. With all that has been going on we were not sure how it was going to turn out. Rejoice with us because we had 8 first time visitors and 6 precious souls saved! It was a huge blessing to see souls saved and our church people working so hard together ministering to all the kids.

On February 14th, we celebrated the anniversary of the work here in Moreno. We had a good time celebrating and glorify God for what all He has done here in Moreno, Argentina. On February 15th we had a special one day youth conference at our camp. After not being allowed to have camps this year it was great to see the youth (over 200) from different churches getting together for a day conference and enjoying some time together as well as having some much needed spiritual encouragement. The following day, the 16th we returned to camp for a one day couples’ retreat. We had a total of 48 couples attend, 7 of those from our church.


Please continue to pray for wisdom in decision making under the current circumstances as well as for good health and safety as we minister here in Argentina.

After not being able to take a furlough last year, we have been praying towards a furlough this year. We have our tickets purchased and praying that we will be able to get back to the states in order to report to many of you as well as spend some time with family. We covert your prayers for all the decisions to be made as well as God’s guidance.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and financial support for the Lord’s work here in Argentina! Also thanks to those of you that sent us special Christmas offerings. We appreciate it so much.

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