Freemans to Argentina

Freemans to Argentina


The ministry has been non stop the last few months with conferences, retreats and special activities. The following is a short review of the past months.


What a joy it is to see the Lord working in the lives of our church people. Even though we have not seen a lot of growth in numbers, thankfully our attendance continues to maintain steady with a few first time visitors but most importantly our people are growing in the Lord.

It was a joy to host a two day couples retreat at our camp with 27 couples present. I was asked to be one of the speakers. What a joy it was to challenge, encourage, and counsel so many couples.

Along with all our normal activities (ladies meetings, men’s meetings, youth meetings, etc.. ), it was a joy to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection on Easter Sunday and share the good news that Jesus lives by way of many Easter tracts and special letters to all the neighbors of the church. Also we decided to take advantage of the long Easter weekend by having an Easter VBS. What a huge blessing it was to have a wonderful group of kids as well as   having a great group of church workers involved in the VBS. Rejoice with us because we had 20 first time visitors (kids between 4-12 years old) and 10 of them asking the Lord Jesus Christ to be their personal Saviour.  Please go to the following link and watch the video of our VBS.  We pray it will be a joy and blessing for you all to see what the Lord did during this special time.

On April 9th Angela and I celebrated TWENTY FIVE years in Argentina!! We arrived in Argentina on April 9th, 1997. Where has the time gone? What a joy it has been to minister for our Lord and Saviour these twenty-five years in Argentina.

The month of May has been our missions emphasis month so please pray that the Lord will work in lives as we challenge our church to be a witness in our “Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”


It is with some sadness to share with you all that the time has come for our youngest son, Caleb, 19 years old, to be leaving home. He is in the process of planning for his soon departure from Argentina. We are thankful for the fine young man he is becoming but we are still finding ourselves asking what happened to our little boy?! We covet your prayer as we will be taking him to the states the first of July in order for him to get started on his new life there. Please pray for him and all the decisions he must make over the next many months. We covet your prayers during this next stage of life for our son as well as for us as parents. We will be empty nesters on the other side of the world.

While away from Argentina, all the men of the church will be in charge of the work. Over the past many months I have been preparing them for this time. We have had many hours of studies and preparations for such a time as this. Please pray for them and our church family in our absence.

We gratefully appreciate the part that your church plays in our ministry in Argentina. You have been faithful to us and our ministry for many years and we do not take that lightly.  For that we say a big THANK YOU.

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