Freemans to Argentina

Freemans to Argentina

Greetings Church Family: 

We pray this letter finds you all doing great in your part of the world. Since our last prayer letter, we have been very busy, as well as traveled from one side of the world to the other.

The month of June was a month of preparations. Angela and I both spent many hours training and preparing our church people for our departure in order to take our youngest son, Caleb, to the states. If you recall we shared in our last letter that the time was coming for Caleb to be leaving home and starting his new stage of life in the states. It was a bitter sweet time for him as well as us as we all prepared for departing Argentina. Argentina was where he was born and raised so needless to say it was tough to leave but thankfully we knew the Lord had/has great and wonderful things prepared for him.

Once we arrived in the states, the first of July, we were able to reunite with our other two sons and spend some family time together. What a joy it was to all be together again. At the same time we started seeking what the Lord had in store for Caleb as far as a job situation. He did not feel the Lord leading him to a college or university but rather some type of a job with an apprenticeship position. We are thankful to report that the Lord has supplied him with the desire of his heart. He started working the first of August and enjoys what he is doing.

Since leaving Argentina, we have been in contact regularly with our people and what a joy to hear that all the men of the church are doing a great job in leading the church and all that goes along in the work. They have reported that there have been some first time visitors and everyone has remained faith- ful, even with all the cold weather that they have been having.


  • Continue to pray for Caleb and all the decisions he must make in his new stage of life. Do pray especially for him to seek the Lord in all he does.
  • For us as parents. At the end of this month, just a little over a week away, Angela and I will be returning to Argentina by ourselves.
  • Safety as we travel.
  • Good health.
  • Wisdom in decision making.
  • Upcoming ministry opportunities.

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