Freemans to Argentina

Freemans to Argentina 

Greetings From Argentina South America:Sorry this prayer letter is a little over due but we just completed the busiest and most rewarding time of our ministry here in Argentina. Being that we are in the southern hemisphere, December, January and February are summer months, therefore this time of year is filled with many activities as well as many hours of hard work, physically and spiritually.


Like every year, the whole month of January is filled with conducting youth camps. This year’s theme was “The Cost of Obedience”. What a great time we had seeing God working in many lives, 25 professions of faith and many other decisions. All together we had a total of 212 campers. Needless to say we are not as young as we used to be so after 3 weeks we felt exhausted physically but emotionally we were thrilled with how God blessed and worked in so many lives. It is always a pleasure to be able to minister to young people and to see the Lord working in their lives. We thank all of those who prayed for our camps and ask that you would continue to pray that these young people will stand firm on their decisions. More than ever we need more pastors/missionaries/workers and faithful Christians here in Argentina. We invite you to go to our camp’s facebook page at and watch the videos of each camp. We trust they will be a blessing to you and your church.


In the month of February we host two retreats, a pastor/missionary family retreat and a married couples retreat. The first retreat is always a wonderful week to reunite with ministry friends and have a time for us to sit and hear God’s Word preached and taught to us. It is a time to recharge our batteries somewhat, with the exception of Angela. The retreat is one of her busiest times of the year because she organizes, conducts and teaches a very special children’s program for all the missionary and pastor kids. She does all she can to make the retreat one of the funnest and important times of the year for them. What a thrill it was to see 3 kids make a profession of faith.The married couples retreat was well attended with a total of 44 couples. More than ever we need strong married couples and the week is always a time to encourage, instruct and pray for solid married couples.


On Sunday February 12th, we celebrated 21 years since we started the Independent Bible Baptist Church in Moreno, Argentina. We rejoiced and gave thanks for all the Lord has done in Moreno over the past 21 years as well as challenged and encouraged our church to continue on in sound doctrine and getting the light of Jesus Christ out to the world. Just like when we started the church, our goal has been to win the lost, teach, preach and train with the goal of getting our people grounded in the Word of God. We continue to pray that the Lord would raise up mighty soldiers for Him and call some of them into full time ministry.


In 2022 Argentina recorded its highest annual inflation rate in three decades. The inflation rate hit 100% at the end of the year and since the beginning of this year the inflation has gone up another 10%!!! That means prices rose 100% last year and continue to go up!!! The dominant theme in Argentina has been and continues to be the physical needs which in turn makes it hard or one to focus on their spiritual needs. Pray with us that God will supply and give wisdom in these trying times. Thank you for remembering us and allowing us to be YOUR ambassadors in Argentina!

Thank you so much for your continued support for us and the ministry in Argentina. Also a special thank you to those who sent us a Christmas offering as well as those that sent funds to help with our camp needs. We appreciate it so much.

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