Freemans to Argentina

Freemans to Argentina

Since our last letter so much has happened here on the other side of the world. We are thankful to report that the Lord is still changing lives here in Argentina. Even though we have not seen a lot of growth in numbers, thankfully our attendance continues to maintain steady with some first time visitors. Along with our normal services, each month we also have ladies meetings, men’s meetings and youth meetings. On top of that we have discipleship classes, seminary class, new membership class as well as our Chicos Sabios (Wise Guys) club. We continue to do that which God has called us – preach the Gospel to the lost, strengthen believers in the Word, and prepare men and women for full-time ministry. The following is a short review of the past months.

In the month of March, a 24 year old young lady named Jessica, made the important decision of following the Lord in baptism.

On April 9th Angela and I celebrated TWENTY SIX years in Argentina!! Where has the time gone? Throughout all the hard times and good times, what a joy it has been to minister for our Lord and Saviour and see Him change lives for all eternity.

We celebrated our Lord’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, as well as sharing the good news that Jesus lives by way of many Easter tracts and special letters to all the neighbors of the church. We did not have any professions of faith but the seed was planted. Pray with us that we will see some fruit from all that was done. Just like last year, we took advantage of the long Easter weekend by having an Easter VBS. What a huge blessing it was to have a wonderful group of kids as well as having a great group of church workers involved in the VBS. We had 18 first time visitors (kids between 4-12 years old) and 3 of them asked the Lord Jesus Christ to be their personal Saviour.


The month of May is our missions emphasis month so please pray that the Lord will work in lives as we challenge our church to be a witness in our “Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

Now that fall has arrived, the colder weather always brings colds, flu’s etc… Unfortunately Angela and I have been experiencing some health problems and this makes it difficult to minister properly so please pray for our health.

The inflation rate continues to hit record highs. Since February it has risen to over 115%. The dominant theme continues to be the physical needs which in turn makes it hard for one to focus on their spiritual needs. Please pray with us that God will supply and give wisdom in these trying times.

I ask that you pray with me for a special need that we have in church. We are in need of a song leader. Please pray that the Lord would fill this need.


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