Rica Gonciulea to Romania

Gonciulea Family to Romania

Dear Brother Pastor and Church,

I want to greet you with Philippians 4:7 which says “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” We praise the Lord that in the midst of these troubled times, He protects our hearts and minds with His peace. We know that He is sovereign, He is in control and we are in His hands!

The school year is over and in the month of June we have ended the AWANA season with the long awaited AWANA Store. The children couldn’t wait to spend all the points they have earned this year by learning the Bible, helping others, performing well in school and playing the AWANA games. This year we decided to emphasize learning the Bible, so the Bible verses earned more points than previous years. We pray that the good seed, the Word of God, will bear fruit in their lives.

At the beginning of this month, we had VBS in Severin. The VBS theme this year was “Adventures on the Sea of Life.” We learned from the life of Noah, Jonah, Peter and our Lord Jesus Christ. The children were excited to see all the decorations. I am so thankful for my daughter, Becky. As in previous years she was in charge of all the decorations. She outdid herself! We had an average of 45 children per day. During the games we had good opportunities to connect with the parents and share the Gospel. Following this VBS, we have a new family that is attending the church, Simona and her two girls. They are always present, every Sunday and they love it. Please pray for them and for Simona`s husband, Marius. He is not against them coming to church, but he is not interested. Please pray that the testimony of his wife and girls will make him interested in coming to church.

We continue to be involved in the refugee ministry in Ukraine and also here in Romania. In The Father`s House Campulung, we still have 17 Ukrainian refugees. They have started school to learn the Romanian language. This will help them to find better jobs and also will prepare the children to integrate in the school system, but most important they will understand the church services. Please pray for them that they will be able to quickly learn the language.

In these two months we brought four transports of supplies over the border to Izmail. A total of $40,000.00 were spent for 100 tons of food, the acquisition of two vans for the distribution of supplies in the warzone, gas, pumps for water, generators for shelters and churches. The supplies are a blessing not only for the civilians but also for some soldiers that are attending the small groups Bible study. What a blessing! What an opportunity to share the Gospel with the soldiers. Thank you BBFI for all your support and involvement in this ministry!

Please pray for the pastors, missionaries and Christian teenagers who, without fear, are taking the supplies and the Gospel in the middle of the warzone. At the beginning of this month three young men who were moving the supplies from Izmail to Odessa and Mykolaiv, were taken by surprise by the bombardment in Mykolaiv. For more than three days no one knew if they were still alive. The churches in Romania prayed for them. After three days they came back to Izmail. They told the brothers how God protected them and also the church in Mykolaiv. The bombs destroyed all the buildings around the church but none of them hit the church. What a miracle! Praise the Lord!

I want to thank you for your faithfulness. I am so blessed to have you by my side in these difficult times. I want to thank you for all your prayers and support. You are in my prayers and in my heart.

With love in Christ,
Rica Gonciulea, your missionary to Romania

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