Bob Griggs to Southern Ute Indians

Bob Griggs to Southern Ute Indians 

Dear Ones in Christ,    

First Baptist Church of New Castle, CO raised $5,466.00 for the orphanage ministry and paid my way to fly there for their special emphasis to raise funds for the orphanage ministry. I appreciate so much Pastor Gerber and the saints who give to this special project every year. The Lord is wonderfully blessing this church!

I also drove to a Missions Conference at the First Indian Baptist Church of Texas near Livingston, Texas. It was the first time I had driven that far in several years. There was a missionary couple there from the Choctaw Indian Nation and a missionary couple to the Muslim people here in the  United States. We had a wonderful conference with the Caddo People who were very willing to participate in the conference.

​​We Praise the Lord that May 17th another mailing was sent out by our mailing team to Africa, to the refugee camp in Nigeria that has 50,000 people who have fled there to escape the Islamic terrorist that are killing Christians. They sent about 725 New Testaments this time with tracts and Bible correspondence courses. The cost of the mailing was $2,033.76. We receive many emails from this camp asking for the word of God which they treasure and gladly read.

Just this week the Lord provided funds to send to India to help pay on the hospital bill of those saints from an independent Baptist church that had been sharing the gospel with the Hindus and some were saved, then on the way home they were attacked by militant Hindus and three were put in the hospital. Thus, they desperately need financial help!

Also in the month of May and June we sent almost $1,500.00 to the orphanages in India to provide food for 533 orphans and 208 widows. Thank You for your faithful support and prayers!


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