Rex and Jan Harmon to Jamaica

Rex and Jan Harmon to Jamaica

Prayer Warriors:

Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support! We see GOD working in answer to your prayers in so many ways!

We appreciate your kind words of compassion as we celebrated the life and love of Jan’s mom, who is right now celebrating with our Savior. Unfortunately Jan has needed to remain in Tulsa to complete the affairs of her estate, as well as see to some needed repairs on the house we have inherited. We appreciate your prayers for wisdom as she finishes these details so she is able to soon return to Jamaica.

I have returned to a country that is still dealing with the effects of COVID. Although there are many restrictions, the virus is still spreading quickly. Due to lack of confidence in the vaccine and the medical system, many are dying as well. October 4 was the first Sunday we were legally able to have services, and then only with special permission slips for being out of our homes. Still, we praise the LORD for this opportunity!

The Trench Town neighborhood remains volatile, partially due to the lack of income, and the fact that schools in Jamaica have been closed for nearly two years now, but the main reason is sin. Pray that we can continue to be a light in this dark place.

Rex & Jan

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