The Johnson Family to Brazil

Johnsons to Brazil

April 20, 2021

In our last letter we were in the middle of a complete lockdown here in Brazil. THANKS BE TO GOD the lockdown is over, kind of.

On March 28th, we were able to have our first Sunday service in almost two months. The only caveat was that even though we could legally have services again, we were limited to a maximum of 25% capacity. In the rooms that we had been meeting in previously it would have been almost impossible to have a regular service, but THANKS BE TO GOD we finished the work on our new sanctuary that same week (picture 1). We were able not only to have service, but also to tell people, many of whom had been hesitant to come when there were only three small rooms, that we now have more space available.

Even with the new space, the restrictions have made it difficult to get things back to “normal.” (Normal is different for us because we started the church in the middle of the pandemic!) Our new space holds about 75; with the restrictions this means that we are limited to seating about 20-25 people. We were able to put about 10 more chairs in an auxiliary room and once again run sound and video. Yet once again, we were out of seats (picture 2).

While being able to have services again has been awesome, the real highlight has been being able to get back out soulwinning. We had been doing a few things here and there to be a blessing to the community as well as putting flyers in mailboxes, but we had not been able to do any door-to-door evangelism. Two weeks ago, we put our toes back in the water and got a mixed reception, but it ended with one new visitor. This week we decided to go back to our regular visitation schedule and, THANKS BE TO GOD, He did amazing things as a result.

This week our church was able to see 11 people saved! Two of these were ladies that Joelmar and I met while we were knocking doors. We knocked on a door and an elderly lady answered and invited us to come inside (very surprising). She was sitting with her adult
daughter and we started explaining that we were from the church and
were out talking with people about Jesus. I asked them a few questions
about what they believed about God and the Bible. After a few responses
it was clear that they did not know Christ and I asked if we could share
God’s Word with them. The Holy Spirit did what He always does and
convinced them of their need for Jesus (picture 3). New souls being saved
was just the shot in the arm that we needed to deal with this Coronavirus
restrictions! Thank you for your prayers.

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