Johnson Family to Brazil

Johnsons to Brazil

Despite the setback with COVID-19 here in Brazil, we decided to press forward with our family conference at the end of June. Not only did people respond, but we saw God work as well. During the four nights of the family conference, we averaged 59.5 people each night! Our average attendance was higher than our attendance has been since the February lockdown.

One of the amazing things we saw happened in the life of a lady named Juliane. Last year, she had started attending services regularly and was baptized. Her husband, Jardell, came to services infrequently, but has never accepted Christ as Savior. After the February and March lockdown, she stopped attending service. We learned that she had started going to a Pentecostal church with a friend. We invited her and her husband to come to the family conference and they attended each night. Since the family conference they both have been at church every Sunday and several Wednesdays! We are still praying that God will save Jardell.

However, the victories have come with hardship. Two Sundays ago, Maria Luiza, one of our older ladies and most faithful attenders, came to church on Sunday morning and then went to lunch with her daughter afterwards. Right before the evening service, we received a message that she had passed out and the family had not been able to wake her up, so they had taken her to the hospital. As we were ending the service, we received word that she had passed away. This came as quite a shock to our church.

Naomi also has been dealing with some concerning health issues for the past several weeks. She has been to several doctors, and they are running a lot of tests. She has been experiencing some nerve pain and muscle weakness; the doctors are trying to find what is causing the problem. She is doing her best to soldier on, but often she is in a lot of pain and must stop until she is feeling well enough to carry on. We are thankful that God has placed people around us who have been able to help carry the load. Pray that God will give the doctors wisdom.

Please keep our upcoming events in your prayers. We are preparing for a friend day this Sunday and have encouraged everyone in the church to bring at least one friend with them to church; whoever brings the most friends will receive a nice Bible. Also, next week we will be doing our winter VBS (yes, it’s winter here!) Pray that God will bring out many young people during the VBS and many others to the friend day. Most of all pray that God will save many souls, including Jardell! Thank you for your prayers.


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