Johnson Family to Brazil

Johnsons to Brazil

It seems like every month has a theme now! Well, the theme for us for the past month was certainly health awareness. If you remember from our last letter, we asked for prayer for Naomi’s health, as well as our upcoming church anniversary. Thank you to so many who have emailed to let us know that you have been praying for Naomi’s health. It means a lot to us!

As far as the church anniversary goes, we still haven’t celebrated it. A few days after sending the last letter, one of the young men in our church started exhibiting COVID-like symptoms. Over the next several days, we had four church members test positive for COVID-19, which meant that their families also had to go into a ten- day quarantine. One of the people who tested positive was our son Lincoln, meaning that we also had to complete a ten-day quarantine. With the outbreak spreading in our church, we were forced to go to virtual services once again and reschedule the anniversary.

At the end of our ten-day quarantine, we were excited to go and get our tests clearing us for things to get back to normal. We had been very careful to keep Lincoln isolated so that it would not spread within the house. However, you know how the best-laid plans go. Amazingly enough, Lauren, Naomi, and I all tested negative, but Lincoln tested positive again for the virus. We learned that this is uncommon but not unheard of. We were forced to continue our quarantine for an additional ten days.

We have now come out of quarantine, and our church anniversary is scheduled for this coming Sunday. We have reduced the scope a bit but are still excited to reflect on what God has done. Also, please pray for our upcoming Children’s Day activities on Tuesday. It is a huge holiday here in Brazil, and we are planning to have activities at the church. We are hoping to have over 100 kids participate. Please pray that God will use this event to save souls and help us impact our community.

On the health front, please continue to pray for Naomi. We are so thankful that we are slowly getting some answers, but her health is still a concern for us as we move forward. We are aware of one surgery that needs to be done, as well as another problem that we thought might need surgery but will not. We now have answers for about 50% of the problems she has been experiencing. We will be flying down to Sao Paulo at the end of this month to meet with the doctors and specialists there. Pray that God will give wisdom.

The Rundown

  • Shutdown for 2 weeks
  • Church anniversary rescheduled
  • Quarantined for 20 days
  • Going to doctors in Sao Paulo
  • Upcoming Children’s Day outreach


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