Johnson Family to Brazil

Johnsons to Brazil

This letter is going to feel a little less cohesive than our letters normally do because I have three distinct areas that I want to update you on in a short space.

Naomi’s Health

There has been progress, even if very small. The orthopedic doctor that we have met with has put Naomi in a walking boot and has prescribed physical therapy, which she is doing twice a week to see if the sharp shooting pain that she feels when she tries to walk can be alleviated. We have four MRIs scheduled for this week, one of her foot and one on each of three areas of the spine. We also have an appointment with a neurologist at the beginning of June. We believe that the doctors are headed in the right direction, but we just need a breakthrough. Pray for a breakthrough.


Even while we are here, God continues to work in our church plant in Brazil. Easter service saw over 80 people in attendance and several salvation decisions. Keep in mind that the church is still only in its second year. We have said since the first day of deputation that we believe that God wants to do work in the Northeast of Brazil, and we believe that today as firmly as ever. Even though we are here in the US for the time being, God is still providing for this church plant financially through your giving. Since we have been gone over the past few months, the church has seen over 30 saved and four baptized. Your giving is not just helping our family, it is making a difference in Brazil.

In the meantime…

This last paragraph is going to be a little cryptic, but I need to ask for your prayers even before I can give you all the details. Since coming back to deal with Naomi’s health, my goal has been to make sure that the devil knows that we can be just as affective on the bench as we are in the field. That way he will have to think twice before messing with us in the future. Since we have been back, God has placed an idea in my heart that will help get missionaries to the field faster than ever before. In the downtime between Naomi’s doctor’s appointments and therapy, I have spent hundreds of hours talking with pastors and missionaries, working diligently to make it into a reality. The tool is almost ready and the pastors and missionaries we have tested it with are extremely excited. June is going to be an important month and we need you to pray that God will give wisdom. Lord willing, I will be able to tell you all about it next month. Thank you in advance for your prayers!


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